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My Story

EF Web – My StoryMy mother raised myself and my two older brothers just east of LA. My father lived just outside Chicago and when I was nine, he remarried. Soon after, he and his wife gave birth to my sister. My childhood was bittersweet. On one hand, I grew up in the "broken side" of the human condition. Alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse and the "latch-key" realities were part of my formative years. On the flip side of that, at a very young age I understood that I had God-given gifts of intellect, insight and discernment beyond my years. In 1st grade tests confirmed that my IQ was well above 145 and I was sent to a special school for the "Mentally Gifted."

Although I had no formal religious or spiritual training, I knew there was someone bigger than me out there, someone who had a plan for my life. It was in this belief that I found the strength to rise above a less than ideal home environment. I also knew that a big part of that plan had to do with excellence in education. I studied and worked my tail-end off throughout high school. The payoff was well 1988gradcruiseworth it, being offered scholarships from USC, Yale and Stanford. I ended up accepting Stanford because they gave me a full-ride. I graduated in ’92 with a 3.85GPA Bachelor’s in History with a focus on the economics of education, specifically as it relates to women and people of color. Because Stanford wanted me to continue my studies with them, they offered me another full-ride to attend the "Stanford Teacher Education Program." While carrying a full course load I taught high school World and US History, coached JV Volleyball and was able to earn my Master’s in Education with a 3.95GPA.

Upon graduation, I was eager to earn money. I was determined to never again live the subsistence-level lifestyle in which I had grown up. From 1993 to 2007 my career-path took me in several different directions (both figuratively and literally). There were multiple cross-country moves, and my positions spanned from Director-level, to working directly with university presidents and finally in partnering with corporate executive teams. However, my purpose was the same in each of these positions – to design sustainable systems and processes to maximize the efficiencies of an organization’s finite human capital. My career life wasn’t the only thing going in different directions during this time, in my personal life I had married, given birth to my son and then divorced. Those fourteen years were somewhat of a whirlwind, but just like Dorothy, that twister dropped me down just where I needed to be.

By 2007 I was on a mission. I wanted to find the means to ensure every dollar I accumulated had the potential for a return. While I had paid several financial advisors over the course of my working years, it was clear to me that they were "product" oriented and not "process oriented." These traditional financial professionals had ideas about how to climb the mountain ("How much money will I need?") but they had no clear vision or strategy for getting me down the mountain ("How will my accumulated money provide a guaranteed income when my body no longer can and/or I choose not to produce the income myself?")

It was during this time that I was introduced to Personal Economics Group. When I met the advisors at PEG, they spoke about the importance of "accumulation" AND the reality of "distribution." What was even more exciting was their emphasis on the Private Reserve Strategy which systematically structures cash flow such that one earns guaranteed, protected growth on the money they spend.

I finally found my "home"! The whole process not only felt right, the economic truths could not be denied and I knew I was on the right path. After a year of referring clients to PEG, I realized I could take the same skills I had applied when I was working with professional organizations, and use them to help individuals better leverage the finite resources within their personal economy so that they have more financial security and flexibility... guaranteed!

DSC_3765So, now you know my story. And the transparency I talked about in the beginning... I am not motivated by money (believe it or not) I am motivated by making a difference in the life of another. THIS is my "selfish" motivation – I want to "matter" to someone else. I want others to say, "I am so glad Kasandra shared her knowledge and took the time to teach me. Knowing her has made me a better version of myself.” I’m not sure if that sounds worse than wanting money but, alas, that is my reason for doing what I do.

P.S. I am now blessed to be married to a man who expanded my immediate family to three teenage boys. I am a far cry from the 1000sf stucco home of my youth, living in a beautiful, gated golf community and enjoying all the luxuries that hard work, discipline and an honest living brings. My desire is to live my life as a testimony to others when your heart, thoughts and actions are rooted in Faith, Family and Community, good will always prevail.

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Client Spotlight: Dr. Raymund King

 Client Spotlight: Dr. Raymund King

Dr Raymund KingWhile God tells us that we are created in His image and, therefore, equal to each other, the Creator clearly states that there is reason and purpose behind why He did not bestow equal levels of talent upon each of us. The Divine further explains that for those to whom He gave a lot, He expects much more. As such, it is humbling to meet a child of God who has fully embraced the calling to be of service to others.

Dr. King worked his way through college and medical school as a professional magician and concert violinist.  After practicing medicine for 10 years as an ear, nose, and throat surgeon in Oklahoma City, Dr. King was called to help others through the legal profession.  His clinic was only 6 blocks away from ground zero in Oklahoma City, and he treated many of the victims of the bombing.  He also personally witnessed the death of 17 victims on that tragic day.  In fact, Dr. King applied to law school the week after the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. 

Now, Dr. King’s law firm combines his passion and experience in entertainment as well as healthcare.  As General Counsel to celebrities, producers and physician groups, Dr. King is a highly sought after professional. But what makes him even more “attractive,” is the fact that he is relentless in his commitment to others. 

Dr. King provides so much support and awareness-raising for non-profit organizations, that I am certain people confuse him for a “professional philanthropist” rather than for the legal counsel he is so highly sought after to provide. However, because Raymund is a client and a friend, I know he doesn’t mind the confusion because it is his heart’s desire to be of service to others and philanthropy is where is has found his passion.

While I encourage you to seek out Dr. King for your general counsel needs, I know it will bring Raymund even more joy if you would consider supporting one of his many non-profit organizations. Dr. King is a member of the following, either as a current Board Member or steering committee member, or supporter:

- Kids Vision for Life - KVFL - Chairman of the Board (www.kidsvisionforlife.org)
- Essilor Vision Foundation - Board Member (www.essilorvisionfoundation.org)
- Dallas Life - Board Member (www.dallaslife.org)
- The Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids - DIFFA - Board Member (www.diffadallas.org)
- Snowball Express - Supporter (www.snowballexpress.org)
- Parker University - Board of Trustees (www.parker.edu/trustees/)
- Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society - Board Member and General Counsel (www.texasascsociety.org)
- Topping Out Committee - Supporting the Arc of Dallas - Steering committee member (www.toppingout.org)
- Night of Superstars - Ragan’s Hope - Platinum Ring Chairman (www.nightofsuperstars.org)
- Lifesavers Foundation - Supporter (www.lifesaversfoundation.org)
- Echelon Club of Southern California (www.theechelonclub.com) - Board Member

Dr. Raymund King, The Law Offices of Raymund C. King, MD, JD, PLLC

www.rkinglaw.com / rking@rkinglaw.com / (972)381-2792

An Evening of Vision

Have you ever signed up for something because someone you trust and respect asked you but you could not fully articulate the exact nature of your commitment? On January 27, 2014 I entered Murray Covens Contemporary Art Gallery as a title sponsor for the launch of a newly formed 501(c3) “Kids Vision For Life” and found myself immersed in an evening far more fabulous than I had anticipated. EF-Client Spotlight_Raymund KingWhile I understood that my sponsorship would help provide eye-glasses to elementary children in economically disadvantaged areas and thereby increase the probability that they would graduate high school and not become another statistic that ends in a penal institution, I was not totally prepared to experience the full range of beauty that exists in the hearts of those who give to others Sometime in 2013 my client Dr Raymund King asked Epiphany Financial and Personal Economics Group to sponsor a charity of his choosing. While we discussed the possibility, we never confirmed the details until early in January 2014 when Dr King asked us to sponsor an event at the end of that same month! As such, when I walked into Murray Covens art gallery I was wonderfully impressed to see the likes of:
  • Artist Renea Menzies who auctioned off one of her uniquely beautiful works;
  • Adrian Paul, an actor best known for his role on the television series Highlander: The Series as Duncan MacLeod and who founded “The PEACE Fund” dedicated to the worldwide improvement of the living, educational and health conditions of children, who helped emcee the evening;
  • La Madeleine’s Founder Patrick Esquerre who serves on the Essilor Foundation’s board also helped provide insight into KVFL, and
  • Several Miss Texas title-holders!
The VIP guest list is far too long to mention everyone but the real VIP are those who give of their time, talents and treasures to improve the lives of others.  It was an honor to be a part of this night and 1545099_10202198643081082_1261926793_ncelebrate the extraordinary victories in Kids Vision for Life. www.kidsvisionforlife.com.