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Client Spotlight: Lorie Burch

Lorie Burch, Wills & Trust Attorney, The Law office of Lorie. L. Burch, PC.

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 If you interact with April Client SpotlightLorie Burch for very long, you will hear her exclaim, “If you do not have a will….” and in a loud, enthusiastic voice you will respond in unison with those around you, “….then the State of Texas has one for you!”

 While a newcomer to the scene will chuckle upon hearing the robust response of the crowd, and she will immediately acknowledge even the severity of this truth, almost 70% of US citizens do not have a will. When I asked Lorie why people abdicate their responsibility to care for those around them, she stated people do not have this vital legal document due to: (1) procrastination, (2) no understanding of how the law really works, and (3) cost.

 While no one can help someone who won’t help themselves, lack of understanding can be overcome and cost is relative. In both cases, Lorie has been an exceptional and patient teacher for me and my family and, ultimately, the cost paled in comparison to the education and peace of mind we now have as a family.

 2013-10-27 LorieBurchLorie is passionate about her legal practice because she deals with subject matter and life events that are the most difficult for people  to confront. As such, when the inevitable occurs, those who have relied on a loved one who has passed away not only know what this person would have wanted to occur, but they have the power to do something about it. Lorie told me, “Creating a will has very little to do with what you have. It is about making this difficult time as easy for your loved ones as possible by letting them know your wishes and empowering them to carry those wishes out.”

 When Lorie is not helping clients create legal peace of mind, she is busy pouring her heart and soul into women all around the country as the current National President of the oldest personal and professional development organization for working women, the American Business Women’s Association – ABWA. While she has officially been a member for nine years, Lorie grew up in ABWA because her mother is a long time member. When I asked Lorie what it is about ABWA that is so special she stated:

 “From my earliest days all I knew is that I wanted to make a difference and change the world. The path God has put me on is not only what I do for a living but it is to support and promote the women of ABWA. I am passionate about helping ABWA because they have helped me be a more complete person. My biggest passion is advocacy – specifically equal rights for the LGBT community and I advocate on a local and national level. It is in ABWA that these two passions come to life as I was completely accepted, supported, promoted and even celebrated for all aspects of who I am- ABWA allowed me to be me. As such, I want to help change hearts and minds so that each person can live to their full potential which means living comfortably and productively in their own skin. This is what ABWA did for me!”

 To learn more about ABWA, feel free to contact Lorie directly at lorie@burch-law.com. Oh, and if you do contact her, get ready to have the phone answered by the most absolutely divine Senior Paralegal, Matthew. J

It Takes Work…Your Work


Last month I gave you a piece of “The Big Secret” to reaching your financial epiphany in my article Deal or No Deal. This month I want to further expand your knowledge by addressing another financial fallacy. First, let me offer you my apologies, because yes, I’m going there again... I’m here to burst another bubble!

 Just like there is not a legitimate Get-Rich-Quick scheme out there, there is no “revolutionary” new formula that will allow you to sit back and effortlessly build your wealth, guaranteeing you a secure fiscal future. There is no “easy” way to climb the proverbial mountain (and get back down). It takes work...hard work...YOUR HARD WORK. I know this doesn’t sound pretty, but it’s time we take off the rose tinted glasses and start addressing the truth.

 Think back to high school… If you never did your homework, chances are your GPA wasn’t going to be as high as it could have been. This same principle still applies to your “grown up” life. If you’re not putting in the extra time and effort, if you’re still blowing off your studies for “fun” things, your results will always be less than optimal. So where do you begin?

 Begin by educating yourself. Thanks to the World Wide Web, you have a plethora of valuable information at your disposal. Read, and then read some more. What sparks your interest? What new pieces of knowledge resonate deep within you? Now go even farther with that; question what other people are telling you (Yes that even includes me!), research all of the new things you’re learning and finally, test it. What works best for you? What tweaks or spins could you add to better personalize some of your favorite systems?

 Once you’ve accomplished all of the above it’s time to rinse and repeat. Yes, that’s right… Never stop! Never stop learning, never stop growing, and never stop becoming a better version of yourself. Not just with your finances, but in all aspects of your life. If you don’t take the time to learn, to investigate, to delve and probe and question and strain your brain, you will get what you’ve always got. For most people, it is evident that they are not overflowing with joyful abundance. And let’s be honest, even if you are bubbling over, there’s no such thing as too much joyful abundance!

 O.k. class, that wraps up this week’s lesson, but before I let you go I’m going to (of course) assign you some homework. The first link is a short video I’d like you to watch, and the second is a great little tool you can use to calculate your financial planning – from college to retirement. * Bear in mind while this financial planning tool is "fun" to play with, it is not a complete analysis of what is real and possible for you and your family. Contact me directly so we can plot your numbers and reality into the economic modeling software we use in-house.

 A tale of two brothers and a lesson in human nature

Figuring it out – PEG Planning Calculator

 When you’re ready to go even deeper, you can check out some of my favorite books by visiting the Epiphany Financial bookstore. There is a lot to learn, but there’s even more resources and tools you can utilize in building your wealth. If you need some extra help along the way, I encourage you to reach out to me. I take great pleasure in sharing the joyful abundance I have received through understanding, and I have enough to go around. After all, I am overflowing.


To your success,

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