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Death is Cruel Without Life Insurance or a Will!

Man carrying a sad small child

I write this on the day I will attend the funeral of my 52 year old cousin-n-law. The specific facts are still not known but he crashed his motorcycle and left behind a wife without life insurance or a will.

Because Samuel’s wife, my cousin Kate, needs assistance to care for herself, Hillary, her 20 year old daughter, must now contemplate life on a $10/hour wage with an adult dependent.

The details of the story actually get worse but suffice it to say, the suddenness of death is real and it has come to my family in a very real way.

As a mid-40’s adult, I have dealt with quite a few family deaths and a lot more when you consider friends and colleagues. However, I now work in a business in which the foundational asset we teach clients to use is a very specifically designed“life insurance” contract and, (with shame I admit), I never sold it for “death benefit.”

When I purchased my first whole life insurance contract in 2008, I was motivated by the power of the “Private Reserve System” which allows me to realize growth on money I plan to spend anyway (anything from taxes to charities to everything in between). What is even more exciting is this same asset will ensure I have 30-50% more spendable income – guaranteed – when I retire. Point being, “death benefit” was more of an afterthought on my quest to build secure assets and like most people, it did not resonate with much credence (or even “need”) until now.




In the spirit of full disclosure, before I understood the economic power of owning life insurance, I not only did not have life insurance, I did not have a will…..and I was a single mother who would cry with joy knowing I had been blessed with such a lovely creation as my son. Point being, I expressed heartfelt and real love for my child, but I had nothing in place to legally and financially protect him.

Folks, I was ignorant. I did not say that I am incapable of thinking at a high level, but I was once IGNORANT – UNKNOWING – MISSING THE FACTS – INEXPERIENCED – UNAWARE.

While I never want to be a product salesperson, please allow me to at least help you establish a term policy to protect those you love. If you are willing to take some time to learn, I can teach you how to use life insurance as an ASSET in a truly diversified wealth strategy. However, at least, for the sake of those you love, buy life insurance!

Of course, if you live in Texas I can introduce you to my wills & trust lawyer or help you find one in the state in which you live. Either way, please, set as your #1 priority that you will get life insurance and establish a will before the end of this quarter.

Client Spotlight: Anne “Kip” Watson

102613-KipWatson-1Whether you are an NFL scout or manage a sales team, the failure rate of new hires is significant. A business owner needs to know if this potential recruit is innately wired to do the specific job at the highest levels. 

Anne “Kip” Watson is a licensed professional counselor with an all-encompassing practice to help people achieve their peak potential and overcome addiction, eating disorders, depression, and get the skills and tools necessary to address parenting issues and marital problems just to name a few. However, it is her expertise in “brain-coding” that has led to a flourishing business to help professional sports teams to multi-million dollar sales teams that is the focus of this Client Spotlight. 

Kip told us about a recent client. “I worked with a client recently who runs a financial services business – a sales team. I took the job description, analyzed it through 1on1 interviews and conversations with the CEO, and determined the unique DNA of the highest achievers on the team. The analysis revealed there were very few who could ‘naturally’ do the job at the highest level s as the owner trained and defined it. As such, we worked to revamp the training so that more people could find success faster and with consistency…..and they are!” 


With her business, Neurosport, Kip took the same techniques she used to help NFL scouts and agents recruit the “right” players to their teams,  and has begun to help CEOs ensure they hire the right members to their company. Kip informed me that with sales recruiting, she looks at what the job requires from a mental skill set. “What the assessment does is identify the neurological realities behind issues that you can’t ask about due to HR laws but it is often those issues that need to be discussed and addressed so we can determine a plan to mitigate the weaknesses and highlight the strengths. Ultimately, we can understand if someone is innately wired to do the actual job assigned to them. If one is not innately wired to perform the function to the highest levels, this does not preclude that person from achieving success but it means the coach or boss will have to customize training to ensure this employee or potential new hire can achieve the success desired.” 

Every person is unique considering their upbringing and the environment in which they operate. As such, personal interviews are part of the process but, as Kip clarified, “It is stunning that even with all these unique variances, specific brain codes are highly predictable. Once you understand these realities, you can work within the facts. Even with legitimate illnesses and biochemical disorders, one will be predispositioned to specific behaviors and thought patterns based on their brain code.” 

Finally, when you visit Kip’s website you will discover that this former IWFL Safety for the Dallas Diamonds is also a Beachbody “Accountability Coach.” Because she is a licensed professional counselor, she has tangible, useable advice to help you achieve success. While most of us have seen the infomercials, Kip can help you intelligently decipher what will make sense for you. I can personally attest to the awesome nutrition I receive with my daily chocolate Shakeology drink! J 

Kip Watson is by far one of the most competent professionals I have ever met. To define what she has done for me personally and professionally is beyond the space of this Client Spotlight. Suffice it to say, you will do yourself, your family and your business a serious “good” if you contact Kip and explore how she might be able to increase your competence. 

The Compelling Cure for a Hopeless Cynic

EF_CompellingCure_Banner (1)

“So do people just so badly want to believe in something that they allow others to guide them even if these people are wrong or have bad motives?” I could hear the pain in her voice as she asked this question because it was as if everything she thought about the depravity of man and our governmental and financial systems was true. For this 66 year old cynic, she was already barely hanging on by a thread of hope. Thus, I had to weigh my answer carefully because I knew she was fragile. 

“The enemy is real. People believe in God but they don’t want to believe in the devil because, alas, they have to confront themselves.” 

My response did not comfort her it only confused her so I elaborated. 

People accept the stories, the spin, the hype because to face the truth is to seek truth and most people do not want to know the truth, they just want to hear the microwave answer to appease them for the moment or an answer that will assuage their special interest and, as such, they can continue anesthetizing themselves with the diversions of TV or alcohol or work or food or whatever it is that will keep them so busy and distracted that they need not focus on the real problem – themselves.  

If you don’t take the time to learn, to investigate, to delve and probe and question and strain your brain, you will get what you have always gotten. For most people, it is evident that they are not over-flowering with joyful abundance. 

Of course, there are only so many hours in a day so, alas, one must choose. One must choose whether they are going to rally others to petition government to end the war or whether they are going to volunteer their time to fight a specific disease or whether they are going to try and end the special entitlements to business “too big to fail.” As such, of course, any one individual cannot do everything but, for sure, one individual can do something. 

It is imperative you do something. If you are so bothered by a situation that you find yourself angry or cynical or otherwise have moments of joy robbed from your life because you gave them away in your perturbation, then DO something! From praying for those involved in said actions to actively campaigning to change the situation, one individual can do a lot. 

But you must do something. Don’t just try, DO! 

If you are ready to walk a path to financial freedom in which you can clearly articulate the guarantees, reach out. I help individuals confront the truth of themselves so they can establish a sustainable wealth strategy.

One Nation, Ben Carson Preface & Chapter 1

One Nation, Ben Carson Preface & Chapter 1

If you have ever followed me during a book study, you will discover that I do not editorialize as much as I pull out key statements from what the author has written as a means to focus your attention. Of course, as a “Behavourial Economist” who spends her day working with individuals to help them get more from their money, my focus tends to be on how our monetary choices reveal our character and vice versa. 

As such, when we delve into the Preface of Ben Carson’s One Nation, I am struck by the bold and simultaneously humble unapologetic tone of the speech that he delivered at the National Prayer Breakfast in which almost every politician could have taken offense but I sure hope more than naught had at least a moment for authentic introspection. Specifically, Carsonaddresses the issue of polarization of ideas such that we can no longer see the forest for the trees – the trees of words and language that so many chose to deem “offensive” such that, again, honest and open conversation can not occur and therefore one can not see the similarities amongst the differences. 

Carson is really calling each of us to action insofar as you need to ask, “Am I so sensitive, so fragile, that I can not hear what someone is saying beyond their words?” Please remember, we are limited not just by our time and space and therefore our experiences butthe American citizen reading level is anyway between 5th and 8th grade which also means one’s vocabulary and ability to choose “better” words to convey their heart and mind is simply, well, limited. Ultimately, Carson writes his book almost as a direct conversation with you – how are YOU part of the solution?.....or will you remain part of the problem? 

So what can one person do? Carson writes, “Communities, political parties, business organization, the news media, educational institutions, and the government can all work to turn our nation around, but the most important changes will be made by you and me, the American individuals. Each of us can control only our own behavior, but if we all take action individually, our actions will collectively have a significant impact on the direction of our nation. As individuals, we can educate ourselves and our children, cultivate the art of compromise, pray for wisdom and hold our representatives accountable.” 

To be part of this solution, however, requires the facts and the facts always have a past that must be understood. You can not understand where you are going if you don’t know where you have been. And, please, stop shaming yourself over your past whether you directly participated or not; it is what it is and it happened. As such, the real question is, is the past “worthy” of repeating? If not, learn from it and make course corrections but do not shame yourself, your people, your neighbor because of it.“All citizens need to arm themselves with a basic knowledge of American history and stay abreast of current events, analyzing them with respect to history. Knowledge is power and at a time when the people are becoming increasingly impotent while the government grows larger and more powerful, it is vital that we arm ourselves with knowledge.” 

Finally, Carson offers a word of encouragement knowing that when you speak out with honesty and authenticity you will most likely trip over your words and ideas as you work out your own truths. “Because there are consequences for standing up for your beliefs in the current distorted version of America, one has to be very courageous when standing up to malicious influences or even while engaging I healthy dialogue with our neighbors about important issues.” 

Please continue reading “One Nation” and we will cover chapters 2-3 next week. 

Until then, Does your financial plan maximize what you have today without undermining your tomorrow? Are you willing to learn about processes and systems rather than products and quick fixes? I am here to help guide and instruct you, no matter what level you’re at.

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