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A Moment of Gratitude

Gratitude. Thankfulness. Joy.

This is what I feel when I think about the gift of serving you! You don’t have to read this message; you choose to, and, forEF-Gratitude_FB that, you are a BLESSING!

When you take note of my message, you receive not just my words, but my thoughts, my heart. And, truthfully, what else is there if you can not give of yourself to others?

I believe, I KNOW, Iwill not be deterred from my core Truth that I was not created for my own pleasure but rather so that I may be of use, of value, of service to another. 

As such, THANK YOU for allowing me to serve you in 2014!

The fact that you have read my e-newsletters, “liked” my Facebook posts, visited my website, allowed me to work with you and those you love, has helped me fulfill my purpose. YOU give me purpose and I am humbled to the point of tears. THANK YOU!

May God richly bless you in 2015! May you feel the Omnipotent and Omnipresent in your life today and each day of 2015 regardless of the circumstances of the moment.

I look forward to serving you for many years to come!


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The Drunk and His Lamppost

In the words of sportscaster Vin Scully,

“Statistics get used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination.”

Or as my pastor Pete Briscoe reminds us as we seek to understand the heart and mind of God by reading  His Word, TheEF-drunk-lamppost Bible, “Words taken out of context are a pretext for a prooftext.” Meaning, if you don’t understand the cultural and environmental context and reality in which the words were delivered, you will focus on the narrow definition of the words themselves and miss the Truth and wisdom God intends.

Whether it is statistics in sports or words from the Bible, all the  data, facts, stats, words, definitions, knowledge that is now instantly accessible to everyone via the power of internet can be very misleading if one does not recognize that the internet is mostly a fancy and more widespread version of the Encyclopedia Britannica. If you do not seek to gain wisdom, insight, the Truth of the data, then you are simply a drunk leaning against a pole.

As such, when I state that “Money is not Math. Money is human behavior,” it is to remind people that you can have all knowledge but no wisdom. You can win a game a Trivial Pursuit but implicit in the name is the true result of using facts and data without a context for understanding their use, their application, their “why,”= it is “trivial” and amounts to no tangible gain. 

And isn’t that what we really want? Don’t we want data and stats and facts and knowledge that moves us forward? Don’t we want information that helps us improve and increase our happiness, our health, our wealth our overall sense of purpose and joy? 

If you are someone who wants MORE and you are ready to not just gain the knowledge but to understand the application, the wisdom, the HOW TO, please reach out and let’s walk through the First Step of my “Four Steps to Financial Freedom” process. The “fee” is an hour of your time and I will even buy the coffee! 

Contact me today!

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From Life Insurance to Managed Money, LEARN how money REALLY works!
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Expanding Services to Companies

Companies who offer retirement plans to their employees must provide “financial education” to comply with federal ERISA regulations. The “standard” in most companies is to have an annual meeting at which the 401K provider tells employees what they think will happen in the market over the next six months.

However, there are a number of very important issues you need to know about.  Knowing “why” you should invest in a 401K and how much you should contribute is vital information.  Knowing about other financial assets and what is a “safe” asset versus an asset “at risk” are questions that we will also address when Epiphany Financial (aligned with Shelby WhitesidePersonal Economics Group) rolls out our “Corporate Services” division in 2015.

To better position ourselves to serve the corporate community, Epiphany Financial has hired a full-time “Client Relations Manager, “Shelby Whiteside.

Shelby will graduate in 2016 with a Masters in Marketing from the University of Texas at Dallas and has a Bachelor in Psychology from the University of North Texas. The emphasis of her current course load is in “Professional Sales and Business Development” therefore joining the Epiphany Financial team is a perfect opportunity to understand what and how to motivate people to discuss THE most private topic – their money.

Looking forward to new ventures in the New Year!

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469.682.8280  www.financialepiphany.com

From Life Insurance to Managed Money, LEARN how money REALLY works!