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I Don’t Like People

Do you ever feel that way? 

Full authenticity, I really do not LIKE what most people DO but because I have a downright “unnatural” LOVE for my human kind, my heart breaks to watch people sabotage their own success and joy. 

While I LOVE people, I do not LIKE their behaviors that are counter to what they say they believe and want for themselves. 


After 45+ years of observation, I am convinced that people are not so much “hypocritical” as they are INCONSISITENT. They do not live up to the desires theyEF-People_FB have for themselves such that what they say and do does not match what is actually occurring…and they are ignorant of this truth. They are not aware that what they say and do does not lead to the results they want. 

I KNOW this to be a fact because I work with peoples’ money. I don’t just sell people financial products. I dig into how people manage their budgets; how money flows. 

The #1 inconsistency I see in people is that they say they want more financial security, they say they want more opportunity; they say they want more money and yet they have no clear plan to manage the money they have. They have no idea exactly what happens to all the buckets of money they have already accumulated or even why they chose said bucket in the first place. They have no day-to-day game plan that they can clearly articulate as a means to get to their expected outcomes for their future. 

People flat out have no idea where they are going, so they just “hope” it is better than what they are actually doing.

 Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies [“hope”] will have their fill of poverty. (Proverbs 28:19)

Because most people really have no clear vision of where they are going, of course they are not clear as to the action steps, behaviors, attitudes that will get them there. And HOPE, while critical in a spiritual sense, has nothing to do with doing your part to create the life that is very possible to have.

So, if you truly want to get to a better place, ya gotta have a plan

The plans of the diligent lead to profit (Proverbs 21:5)

If you want success, freedom, opportunities, options in any area of life, you have to map out of plan that you can stick with and evaluate.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. 

As such, make a plan. Set some goals. Use the SMART method to refine the list. Share it with another. Check in at regular intervals to make sure you are making strides towards said goal. And do it again the next day.

While my “Goals Wheel” can help you start the process for every area of your life, when it comes to your money, an understanding of how money REALLY works and what is possible might motivate you to get busy defining a budget and setting monetary and financial goals. To that end, join us on ONE of 4 seminars being offered live or via webinar this month.

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Client Spotlight: Tanya Reddick Rodgers

Tanya Reddick Rodgers, Dermatologist, SkinSpecialists 

http://www.skinspecialistsoa.com / 972-649-6644

I met Dr. Tanya Reddick-Rodgers after first meeting her husband, Tarik, at a networking event. Because Tarik heard that I work within the financial services world of insurance and investments, he honed in on the investment side of my business and agreed to a meeting.  The Rodgers quickly became clients because, Tanay Reddick Rodgers 011014philosophically, they approach their work with the same purpose in mind – to make an impact. Tanya told me, “I know I make an impact when I hear a patient say, ‘I was so scared to come into your office and you put me at ease.’”

Tanya Reddick-Rodgers is a certified dermatologist. She is not just a “skin technician” or some board certified physician in something other than dermatology. She has extensive training in the specialty of skin. Tanya was trained at a top notch university and medical school. Her residency training was at a large institution that allowed her to see a myriad of skin disease and how that affects all skin colors. She is an expert! In fact, our spirits united as kindred souls when she made it clear that while she is a “patient’s doctor” such that personality and aplomb matter, it is “brains first and then personality” because expertise matters. While it is true that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care….you still have to know a lot more than the average bear!

As such, while one can rest assured that Tanya is committed to the most current technology and information available in her field, she is a truly likeable and warm-hearted wife and mother of two who manages two thriving dermatology offices in Allen and Addison, Texas.

As a “patients doctor,” Tanya takes time to educate patients because successful and sustainable solutions to skin problems usually require more work on the part of the client due to what can sometimes be a complicated regimen. She works hard to help patients understand the outcome of the daily routine. Tanya told me, “It’s hard enough to take one pill a day let alone when you have a morning routine that changes for night.” However because Tanya believes that her calling is to help others help themselves, the response she hears the most is, “I have been to so many dermatologist and you are the first person to explain to me what I have.” 

It is beyond refreshing to know that Tanya is not only one of the best in her field, she really does care, She told me, “I know my patients and the details of their lives. I like to spend time with people. People come to me not necessarily because they were not getting the correct treatment but because they were never fully educated as to what they were truly dealing with and the reasonable expectations.”  

As an extension of serving others through her vocation, Tanya and Tarik give of their time, talents and treasures to CitySquare, a non-profit organization committed to fighting the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy and friendship.

Not only has it been a honor to serve Tanya and Tarik with their wealth building process, I too have had the pleasure of seeing Dr Reddick Rodgers as a patient. However, I am most pleased that I can call Tanya and Tarik my friends!


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Write Down Goals = Achieve More!

If you have been in the professional world for any amount of time, you have probably heard statistics of how one achieves success – s/he has written goals. Research reveals,

“…those with written goals were earning 10 times what the others who had no written goals were earning.” Another study concludes, “Those with written goals have 80% more earnings over a lifetime than those without.” 

*When you have written goals, you achieve more than those who do not. 

** When you share these written goals with another, you achieve at an even higher level. EF_Goals_Blog

*** When you periodically update another on your progress towards your goals, you have the highest level of achievement possible.

Written Goals Matter!

As such, if you say you want more wealth and more financial security, start by defining goals in all areas of your life. After all, what is money if not a tool to achieve that what you want in all areas of your life?! 

Money is a means to an end. Therefore, write down what you want to achieve, put a timeframe around it and identify any resources that you may need to get there. Don’t overthink it and don’t ignore the exercise. Write down a goal for the 8 key areas of your life using the SMART method: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound

  1. Faith / Spiritual
  2. Family / Communal
  3. Career / Vocational
  4. Education / Intellectual
  5. Health / Physical
  6. Wealth / Financial
  7. Friends / Social
  8. Fun / Recreational

…..Now share those goals with another who you trust to encourage you along the journey! Finally, set a date a month or two later when you will update the person as to the progress you have made towards your goals……and then set another date a month or two after that meeting and so on…… 

Of course, if getting a handle on your finances or building a working budget or streamlining your multiple savings and investments accounts is anywhere on your list of goals for 2015, I look forward to receiving your call so I can encourage you along the way! 

This month’s wealth tool, Goals Wheel, came to you via my Money Matters e-newsletter.  If you didn’t receive it, click here to register!  In the meantime, be watching social media in the coming weeks for the wealth tool post.  This is a great guide to help you get your goals on paper!

If you are someone who wants MORE and you are ready to not just gain the knowledge but to understand the application, the wisdom, the HOW TO, please reach out and let’s walk through the First Step of my “Four Steps to Financial Freedom” process. The “fee” is an hour of your time and I will even buy the coffee!


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