The organizations I support address the “whole person” and, as such, they make a positive impact on the greater good of the entire community around them.

About ABWA:
The American Business Women Association is the oldest professional association for women. Its mission is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition. We accomplish this via monthly meetings held in 7 locations throughout the DFW area and annual meetings that bring together the entire nation of ABWA members.

How We're Involved:
Join me at a monthly luncheon of the local group I helped charter in 2013, the North Dallas Business Women. (www.ndbw-abwa.org) Not only have I served as the Vice President of Finance for two years and now as President Elect for 2015-2016, I sponsor the group as a “Red Diamond Partner” and serve on the campaign team to help a local woman rise to a national volunteer leadership position.

About Bent Tree Bible Fellowship:
While we discuss the merits and/or demerits of the institutional church church, I have found quality teaching at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship, a non-denominational, Bible-based fellowship of imperfect people who seek to understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

How We're Involved:
I have been a member of BTBF since 2006 when, after 17 years of research, I concluded that Christ is not just my Savior but He is The Way and The Truth. Since then I have led bible studies and hosted dinners in my home, served on the middle school ministry and as a Sunday greeter, and helped craft and launch the “conversation with Christ” called LifeSigns.

About Vitacca Productions:
If you value and appreciate the arts and understand why engaging our minds in creative endeavors is vital to intellectual stimulation and growth, get to know Vitacca and consider supporting this organization as well. Dance like there is no tomorrow!

How We're Involved:
Because my only sister founded Vitacca, I served as its first President and now serve as the Vice President. Just like the other organizations I serve, Vitacca not only gets a lot of my time and talent, it receives the treasures I have been blessed to receive.