www.TheEggandIRestaurants.com / RyanColarossi@gmail.com Because I spent almost a decade as a single mom raising a boy, it was critical that I introduced my son to men of value, men with ethics, men who are devoted to their wives and children, men who work hard because they love their family and community. As such, in 2007 […]

I have been teaching these truths for the past 8 years but even for those who actively refer clients to me, the ability to explain why “rate of return” is not the same as “sequence of return risk” is still somewhat too academic. As such, my clients will simply tell a referral, “Just talk to […]

Some people make it a habit to read a chapter of Proverbs at the start of every day.In “the Message” Bible, it states that the purpose of Proverbs is “to teach people the ropes,” so that we may attain wisdom and discipline and to understand what life means and how to do what is right, […]

David Gerrit Visser, Pilot, Movie Producer, Author, Investor/Commodities Trader, Visser Entertainment,  Amazing Media Group, Avanti Traders Group Visserentertainment.com / dvisser@visserentertainment.comWhen my client referred me to David, I was forewarned that he would be skeptical because he had degrees in finance and was a pretty serious investor. Thus, to convince him that I might have some […]

She was pissed!After almost a year of working with me the amount of money she thought she should have had was not there and she blamed me.The reason the conversation was especially difficult was that the reason for the lack of funds was not a variable of the guaranteed growth contract she now owned, but […]

Do you ever feel that way? Full authenticity, I really do not LIKE what most people DO but because I have a downright “unnatural” LOVE for my human kind, my heart breaks to watch people sabotage their own success and joy. While I LOVE people, I do not LIKE their behaviors that are counter to what they […]

If you have been in the professional world for any amount of time, you have probably heard statistics of how one achieves success – s/he has written goals. Research reveals,“…those with written goals were earning 10 times what the others who had no written goals were earning.” Another study concludes, “Those with written goals have […]

Gratitude. Thankfulness. Joy.This is what I feel when I think about the gift of serving you! You don’t have to read this message; you choose to, and, for that, you are a BLESSING!When you take note of my message, you receive not just my words, but my thoughts, my heart. And, truthfully, what else is […]

In the words of sportscaster Vin Scully,“Statistics get used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination.”Or as my pastor Pete Briscoe reminds us as we seek to understand the heart and mind of God by reading  His Word, The Bible, “Words taken out of context are a pretext for a prooftext.” Meaning, if […]

Murphy’s Law is a series of epigrams of which the most famous is “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Besides this most famous saying, there are many other witty and pointed statements, often with a clever twist in thought, that are worth considering when one analyzes how he approaches his personal finances. For example,A […]