I write this on the day I will attend the funeral of my 52 year old cousin-n-law. The specific facts are still not known but he crashed his motorcycle and left behind a wife without life insurance or a will.Because Samuel’s wife, my cousin Kate, needs assistance to care for herself, Hillary, her 20 year […]

“So do people just so badly want to believe in something that they allow others to guide them even if these people are wrong or have bad motives?” I could hear the pain in her voice as she asked this question because it was as if everything she thought about the depravity of man and our […]

“Middle class falls short on retirement funds” was the title of an article in Reuters recently. Because I work with “average” families every day in my business, mostly small business owners, I know that the advice people get is not advice at all but opinions and a hope and a prayer.I was a client of […]

In my last post, It Takes Work I told you how imperative it is that you never stop learning. I even gave you some homework, asking you to begin educating yourselves through reading and research. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with the reading resources on my website. Kudos to those of you […]

Have you ever checked out peoples’ butts? I mean, just sat there and watched as people walked by and checked them out; all the saggy butts, the skin tight jeans over non-existent butts, the designer jeans reshaping the overly round butts, and every once and a great while you see a really nice ass. It’s […]

Last month I gave you a piece of “The Big Secret” to reaching your financial epiphany in my article Deal or No Deal. This month I want to further expand your knowledge by addressing another financial fallacy. First, let me offer you my apologies, because yes, I’m going there again… I’m here to burst another […]

Cue the lights… Cue the music… Cue Howie Mandel and his entourage of 26 gorgeous models, each holding a briefcase containing a dollar amount ﹘ ranging from $0.01 to $1,000,000. If you haven’t seen it, NBC’s Deal or No Deal? was a game show where contestants had a chance to win big on nothing but […]