“Money is Not Math, it’s Human Behavior.”  That is Kasandra Vitacca’s favorite description of understanding money.  On this interview on The Business Spotlight TV show in DFW on The UAN Channel 27, Kasandra gives several parts to her program and who usually works with her.  Great show on what are the keys to building wealth.

Kasandra Vitacca is a nationally ranked adviser that helps her clients to grow their wealth little by little bit by bit. Slow and steady fitness financial professional.Contact Kasnadra to learn more.

Kasandra shares an example of how to build wealth and still have what you want along the way.Contact Kasandra to learn more how she can serve you best.

“More money comes to you and through you than you can imagine” says Kasandra Vitacca to her clients to help them understand the beginning of the shift in wealth that she teaches.  Watch this short edit for her explanation…Contact Kasandra to learn more about how this program works.

What in the World is a Financial Swing Coach?   Watch this short segment as Kasandra Vitacca tells how she is a financial swing coach for her clients. Contact Kasandra for more information on how she can serve you.

Patrick:  Welcome to the Business Spotlight. Today you’re going to enjoy my guest. She’s been on before. Her name is Kasandra Vitacca. She’s a wealth coach, but it’s so much more than that. She would call herself a Financial Fitness Professional or something like that. Kasandra, thanks for being on the show again. Kasandra:  Glad […]