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Client Spotlight: Dr. Raymund King

 Client Spotlight: Dr. Raymund King

Dr Raymund KingWhile God tells us that we are created in His image and, therefore, equal to each other, the Creator clearly states that there is reason and purpose behind why He did not bestow equal levels of talent upon each of us. The Divine further explains that for those to whom He gave a lot, He expects much more. As such, it is humbling to meet a child of God who has fully embraced the calling to be of service to others.

Dr. King worked his way through college and medical school as a professional magician and concert violinist.  After practicing medicine for 10 years as an ear, nose, and throat surgeon in Oklahoma City, Dr. King was called to help others through the legal profession.  His clinic was only 6 blocks away from ground zero in Oklahoma City, and he treated many of the victims of the bombing.  He also personally witnessed the death of 17 victims on that tragic day.  In fact, Dr. King applied to law school the week after the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. 

Now, Dr. King’s law firm combines his passion and experience in entertainment as well as healthcare.  As General Counsel to celebrities, producers and physician groups, Dr. King is a highly sought after professional. But what makes him even more “attractive,” is the fact that he is relentless in his commitment to others. 

Dr. King provides so much support and awareness-raising for non-profit organizations, that I am certain people confuse him for a “professional philanthropist” rather than for the legal counsel he is so highly sought after to provide. However, because Raymund is a client and a friend, I know he doesn’t mind the confusion because it is his heart’s desire to be of service to others and philanthropy is where is has found his passion.

While I encourage you to seek out Dr. King for your general counsel needs, I know it will bring Raymund even more joy if you would consider supporting one of his many non-profit organizations. Dr. King is a member of the following, either as a current Board Member or steering committee member, or supporter:

- Kids Vision for Life - KVFL - Chairman of the Board (www.kidsvisionforlife.org)
- Essilor Vision Foundation - Board Member (www.essilorvisionfoundation.org)
- Dallas Life - Board Member (www.dallaslife.org)
- The Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids - DIFFA - Board Member (www.diffadallas.org)
- Snowball Express - Supporter (www.snowballexpress.org)
- Parker University - Board of Trustees (www.parker.edu/trustees/)
- Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society - Board Member and General Counsel (www.texasascsociety.org)
- Topping Out Committee - Supporting the Arc of Dallas - Steering committee member (www.toppingout.org)
- Night of Superstars - Ragan’s Hope - Platinum Ring Chairman (www.nightofsuperstars.org)
- Lifesavers Foundation - Supporter (www.lifesaversfoundation.org)
- Echelon Club of Southern California (www.theechelonclub.com) - Board Member

Dr. Raymund King, The Law Offices of Raymund C. King, MD, JD, PLLC

www.rkinglaw.com / rking@rkinglaw.com / (972)381-2792

An Evening of Vision

Have you ever signed up for something because someone you trust and respect asked you but you could not fully articulate the exact nature of your commitment? On January 27, 2014 I entered Murray Covens Contemporary Art Gallery as a title sponsor for the launch of a newly formed 501(c3) “Kids Vision For Life” and found myself immersed in an evening far more fabulous than I had anticipated. EF-Client Spotlight_Raymund KingWhile I understood that my sponsorship would help provide eye-glasses to elementary children in economically disadvantaged areas and thereby increase the probability that they would graduate high school and not become another statistic that ends in a penal institution, I was not totally prepared to experience the full range of beauty that exists in the hearts of those who give to others Sometime in 2013 my client Dr Raymund King asked Epiphany Financial and Personal Economics Group to sponsor a charity of his choosing. While we discussed the possibility, we never confirmed the details until early in January 2014 when Dr King asked us to sponsor an event at the end of that same month! As such, when I walked into Murray Covens art gallery I was wonderfully impressed to see the likes of:
  • Artist Renea Menzies who auctioned off one of her uniquely beautiful works;
  • Adrian Paul, an actor best known for his role on the television series Highlander: The Series as Duncan MacLeod and who founded “The PEACE Fund” dedicated to the worldwide improvement of the living, educational and health conditions of children, who helped emcee the evening;
  • La Madeleine’s Founder Patrick Esquerre who serves on the Essilor Foundation’s board also helped provide insight into KVFL, and
  • Several Miss Texas title-holders!
The VIP guest list is far too long to mention everyone but the real VIP are those who give of their time, talents and treasures to improve the lives of others.  It was an honor to be a part of this night and 1545099_10202198643081082_1261926793_ncelebrate the extraordinary victories in Kids Vision for Life. www.kidsvisionforlife.com.

Art, Vision, and Runway Models: Kicking off Kids Vision For Life

Thanks again to our client, friend and community activist, Raymund King for inviting Epiphany Financial and my partner Mary Kane Lyons of Personal Economics Group to sponsor and contribute to "Kids Vision for Life" charity event. Join us on the 28th of January at 6:30pm at the Murray Covens Contemporary Art Gallery to have a good time AND help a great cause!

Raymund King

Art, Vision, and Runway Models: Kicking off Kids Vision For Life

Come and join us as we celebrate spinning off Kids Vision for Life or "KVFL" (www.kidsvisionforlife.com) as an independent non-profit entity, while we enjoy the fabulous contemporary art stylings of former runway model turned artist Renea Menzies (www.reneamenzies.com), presented by our very own runway models as well as some finalists of the Miss Texas-DFW Pageant program (www.misstexas.org).

14 of 28: Love Means “To Give”

On August 21, 2005 I woke up with clammy skin and a headache not just because I had drunk too much the night before but because I knew I had blown it. As the Director of an international organization and host of the board meeting, I knew my alcohol consumption the night before had not been “appropriate” for a professional setting…or any setting for that matter…and I felt sick. The look on a few of the board members’ face told me everything I needed to know. I called my boss who was suffering from pregnancy sickness and had not made it to the morning meeting and with an edge of desperation in my voice asked, “What did I do last night?” And, with sadness in her voice she simply stated, “Oh Kasandra.” That was the last time I drank alcohol. Tonight, six and a half years later, I hosted a benefit dinner for Caron Texas, one of the oldest and most successful residential rehabilitation centers in the nation for individuals who want to recover from the debilitating disease of alcoholism. Far too many people knowingly suffer with this disease and an even greater number are in denial about their dependency on their favorite “relaxer” but, alas, organizations like Caron Texas make it possible for these people to find true peace. Please join us again in May when we host our second benefit event. If you have a heart to give to a worthy organization which positively alters the life course, not just of one individual, but his or her family and community, please contact me about what sustainable giving can mean for you.