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Client Spotlight: Ryan Colarossi, Franchisee, The Egg & I Restaurants

www.TheEggandIRestaurants.com / RyanColarossi@gmail.com

Because I spent almost a decade as a single mom raising a boy, it was critical that I introduced my son to men of value, men with ethics, men who are devoted to their wives and children, men who work hard because they love their family and community. As such, in 2007 when the young owner of Egg & I Restaurant in Addison, Texas became my client, I knew I had discovered such a man.

Ryan Colarossi and family own three Egg & I Restaurants (Addison, Carrollton, Denton). Not only does he manage a family run business that provides delicious, hearty meals in a clean and friendly environment, Ryan and his team are a great addition to any community.

In an effort to understand how Ryan has achieved so much success at such an early age, Epiphany Financial asked him where it all began and did he envision the life he now leads:

Ryan: “I knew I loved the restaurant business since freshman year in high school.... I am the oldest of 4 kids. I am a born leader. It is my role, my position. People say you change in your 20s and 30s but I never changed; I was always ambitious and disciplined. I was so disciplined that if I wanted to play video games, I had to clean my room. I always like earning the reward. I am self-motivated. If I wanted to eat candy, I would jog a mile before I ate the candy….I wish I was still like that now.”

After a brief chuckle, Epiphany Financial asked: “Beyond the discipline and hard work, what motivates you to get up every day and serve the public?”

Ryan: “For this moment right here – the ability to spend an hour with a friend who is genuine and real…. I try to connect with every single customer. If I can put a smile on someone’s face for even just five seconds, THAT is what matters. The food is not that special. It’s fresh, we use quality ingredients, and it is prepared in a clean environment and that’s important, but what matters is the people.”

Epiphany: “Apparently people are your number one priority, as such, how do you choose your business relationships?”

Ryan: “I played competitive sports (baseball) in high school and college and so it prepared me for the world and working as a team. I work well with team players and I don’t even have to necessarily like you. I just need to know that you are first and foremost a ‘master of your craft.’ I need to trust and respect that you will get the job done well and in my best interests.”

Epiphany: “So is it important that the many community groups to which you donate food, give money, expend your time, be groups that meet this criteria?”

Ryan: “Not directly. We contribute to whatever is important to our customers. If it is important to someone else, then it is important to us. Even if your motives are not pure, I don’t worry about it too much because 9 out of 10 requests are pure. Everybody is a winner when you come to the Egg & I. If you put your time and energy into the community, then that matters to us.”

Epiphany: “So where do you go from here? What is next?”

Ryan: I am not sure anymore. My ego wants me to have 10 restaurants but I am at a crossroads right now because I have a lot of flexibility with my time. I do not have to be physically and mentally exhausted anymore and, I must admit, I almost feel guilty because of it. At base I know that I will continue to grow and maintain what I have created because my biggest concern is to ensure I have opportunities for my people.”

If you have not eaten at Egg & I, you are not only missing out on some of these best waffles and egg dishes in the Metroplex, but you will not get to experience a friendly, family environment that will leave you feeling a little bit better about yourself and the community at large. Thank you Ryan Colarossi and family for reminding us why small business is the heart and soul of America!

If you want to understand why Ryan and the Colarossi family have chosen to work with Epiphany Financial, please contact us today so we can conduct your “Financial Health Check up.”

“When Kasandra and her team came to my home for the first time and educated me on the financial freedom that is available to me, ideas and strategies that I did not know about, I was eager to learn more. What convinced me to work with Epiphany Financial was that you took the time to guide me through a process. You are a master of your craft! Don’t just be good at what you do, be great at what you do! When I think of Kasandra I think of someone who is a master of her craft in financial strategy. You give me your attention and your time and you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to work that hard for money and yet you do. You genuinely choose to help people. I would be pretty well off if we had not met, but then you came in and made it a lot better. You took me to a higher tier that I did not realize I was capable of reaching. You chose to give me that gift and it is precious and it is incredibly rare. The pointe of difference that you offer, is that you truly care about the Colarossi family first.”

Client Spotlight: David Visser

David Gerrit Visser, Pilot, Movie Producer, Author, Investor/Commodities Trader, Visser Entertainment,  Amazing Media Group, Avanti Traders Group Visserentertainment.com / dvisser@visserentertainment.com

When my client referred me to David, I was forewarned that he would be skeptical because he had degrees in finance and was a pretty serious investor. Thus, to convince him that I might David Visserhave some information that he could use to add to his arsenal of financial knowledge and increase his overall wealth position was an obstacle I had overcome before but, alas, not without some extra effort.

As such, when I finally met David at his home, I was immediately impressed because while he had all the worldly attributes of a man of success, it was his humble openness to learning that let me know I was not interacting with just any successful serial entrepreneur, I was in the presence of a man who has vision. Not only does David go for and get what he wants, he uses what he has to be a blessing to others.

….but he didn’t necessarily start out that way.

In fact, David admitted that the basic reason he pursued the various businesses and opportunities he has was for the financial success. A case in point was his entry into the entertainment business.

As a private pilot, David had already attained the highest levels of success and skill within his field and has become the highest time Piaggio pilot in the world. Therefore, he began to more actively pursue other interests. Because he had always been fascinated by the film industry, when he was given the opportunity to buy a film that he knew nothing about, he was very clear that it was a “widget,” a tangible, hard asset that he could own and do something with eventually…..and did he ever!

David has used his ownership of “The Pistol: Birth of a Legend” to host a viewing and raise money for Snowball Express that helps support children who have lost parents in the military. Through the viewing of “Last Ounce of Courage,” the Daughters of WWII raised enough money to send 13 veterans back to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the invasion. David is currently the Executive Producer on a movie called Donovan that will raise awareness about bi-polar disorder. (Release date December 2015.)

David even helped finance a book (originally just another “widget” to him) called Squirrel and Oak which speaks to children about death and helps them process through it. So while he had been investing in movies and books largely as pure “investments,” David realized that he could change lives through awareness and education.

So just as his investment in Donovan became about more than just the money, David has even ventured into writing a book of his own to help kids and even adults overcome their fear of flying. “There’s Magic in the Air: A pilot’s view of aviation behind the scenes” will be released in the upcoming months as well.

David said that when he looks back on the choices he has made it may seem disconnected but, in reality, there is a theme, there is a pattern, “It’s about giving back and helping. It’s about changing and improving lives through awareness and education. There is more out there than just work. You can basically do anything you want. You can be anything you want to be in America. It is a choice.”

It was at this point in the interview that I had my own “epiphany” about why David and I clicked from the very start – he is passionate about bringing out the best not just in himself, but others which is why he, like myself, is committed to “changing and improving lives through awareness and education.”

If you want to learn more about what David does and how you might be able to couple your talents with his, contact him at www.Visserentertainment.com / dvisser@visserentertainment.com.

And If you are someone who wants MORE and you are ready to not just gain the knowledge but to understand the application, the wisdom, the HOW TO, please reach out and let’s walk through the First Step of my “Four Steps to Financial Freedom” process. The “fee” is an hour of your time and I will even buy the coffee!


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Client Spotlight: Tanya Reddick Rodgers

Tanya Reddick Rodgers, Dermatologist, SkinSpecialists 

http://www.skinspecialistsoa.com / 972-649-6644

I met Dr. Tanya Reddick-Rodgers after first meeting her husband, Tarik, at a networking event. Because Tarik heard that I work within the financial services world of insurance and investments, he honed in on the investment side of my business and agreed to a meeting.  The Rodgers quickly became clients because, Tanay Reddick Rodgers 011014philosophically, they approach their work with the same purpose in mind – to make an impact. Tanya told me, “I know I make an impact when I hear a patient say, ‘I was so scared to come into your office and you put me at ease.’”

Tanya Reddick-Rodgers is a certified dermatologist. She is not just a “skin technician” or some board certified physician in something other than dermatology. She has extensive training in the specialty of skin. Tanya was trained at a top notch university and medical school. Her residency training was at a large institution that allowed her to see a myriad of skin disease and how that affects all skin colors. She is an expert! In fact, our spirits united as kindred souls when she made it clear that while she is a “patient’s doctor” such that personality and aplomb matter, it is “brains first and then personality” because expertise matters. While it is true that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care….you still have to know a lot more than the average bear!

As such, while one can rest assured that Tanya is committed to the most current technology and information available in her field, she is a truly likeable and warm-hearted wife and mother of two who manages two thriving dermatology offices in Allen and Addison, Texas.

As a “patients doctor,” Tanya takes time to educate patients because successful and sustainable solutions to skin problems usually require more work on the part of the client due to what can sometimes be a complicated regimen. She works hard to help patients understand the outcome of the daily routine. Tanya told me, “It’s hard enough to take one pill a day let alone when you have a morning routine that changes for night.” However because Tanya believes that her calling is to help others help themselves, the response she hears the most is, “I have been to so many dermatologist and you are the first person to explain to me what I have.” 

It is beyond refreshing to know that Tanya is not only one of the best in her field, she really does care, She told me, “I know my patients and the details of their lives. I like to spend time with people. People come to me not necessarily because they were not getting the correct treatment but because they were never fully educated as to what they were truly dealing with and the reasonable expectations.”  

As an extension of serving others through her vocation, Tanya and Tarik give of their time, talents and treasures to CitySquare, a non-profit organization committed to fighting the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy and friendship.

Not only has it been a honor to serve Tanya and Tarik with their wealth building process, I too have had the pleasure of seeing Dr Reddick Rodgers as a patient. However, I am most pleased that I can call Tanya and Tarik my friends!


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Client Spotlight: Kathleen Turton

Kathleen Turton, Family Law Attorney, Ward & Turton PLLC

102713 KathleenTurton
www.ward-turton.com / kathleen@ward-turton.com / 214.739.8900

Divorce. Child Custody. Conflict…..The Unknown. Uncertainty. Fear……If you have ever gone through a divorce or you are contemplating this possibility, you may have just had a visceral response to those words. Your stomach may have turned or your throat tightened or your heart started racing. The end of so many hopes and dreams is NOT what any ofus signed up for in life but, alas, it is now the new “normal” of what the vast majority of us experience.

As such, who do you turn to for help when the legal process begins?  In 2011 I was “passed on” to Kathleen to represent me as I needed to modify my child custody agreement due to the fact that so much had changed for both my ex-husband and myself over the course of our then 10+ year divorce and, specifically, my now pre-teen son began to express dissatisfaction with how his father and I had negotiated the custody. While I had not directly sought the help of Kathleen Tinney Turton, a Higher Power certainly intervened to ensure I had not only quality legal counsel but, even more importantly, integrity infused wisdom and care.

Kathleen Tinney Turton helps people chart the choppy waters of reorganizing  their personal life. Whether it’s a divorce, child custody, modifications on past contracts, adoptions, or powers of attorney, Kathleen spends the majority of her work life helping families work through conflict. She also represents children in CPS and private custody–court appointed cases.

Kathleen has also gone through special training in “collaborative law.” “People do not want to use the traditional court-room routes to solve their issues. They want to sit at the table. The want team work where everyone is committed to making it work out in everyone’s best interests and, specifically, the children.” To this end of helping people stay focused on the reality, Kathleen has done a lot of teaching over the past 10 years especially when she was the Interim Director for the Child Advocacy Clinic at SMU.

“People come to me because they want a resolution. It’s not that your opinion or position doesn’t matter to me, but what I stay focused on for my client is- what is possible within the letter of the law? I am not the type of attorney who is going to do and say what you want to hear as if I am your best friend who will listen to you bemoan the ills of your ex as you plot revenge because, ultimately, this just runs up the tab and pads my pockets when I know what the legal system will and won’t allow. Unfortunately, sometimes people are not ready to end the process but I will continue to focus on a resolution.” - Kathleen

Kathleen went on to explain that on the surface someone may articulate a desired outcome but as she probes and asks questions about the “why” behind the expressed goal, it is clear that other options exist for a more amiable and sustainable resolution…and often times the solution has nothing to do with the law. In fact, very frequently, clients have competing goals. Kathleen went on to explain that people in conflict want to use the legal system to get their soon-to-be-ex to behave in a certain manner. She states, “There are no personality transplants at the courthouse. If you were not able to make this person behave in a certain manner when you were married to them, neither can the court.”

Kathleen is clear in her role and ability to help others, “I will fight and advocate for what you want but only after we are clear what the goals are that will get you the resolution you want. The Internet is not the answer. It is not wisdom and discernment.” As such, while Kathleen will advocate for her clients, her title is first and foremost “Counselor at Law.”

If you don’t know where to start, do not be afraid to reach out and get advice even if you are not ready to make any decisions. It helps to at least have a conversation. And, of course, you can always contact me first and I will share my experience, strength and hope.

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Client Spotlight: Anne “Kip” Watson

102613-KipWatson-1Whether you are an NFL scout or manage a sales team, the failure rate of new hires is significant. A business owner needs to know if this potential recruit is innately wired to do the specific job at the highest levels. 

Anne “Kip” Watson is a licensed professional counselor with an all-encompassing practice to help people achieve their peak potential and overcome addiction, eating disorders, depression, and get the skills and tools necessary to address parenting issues and marital problems just to name a few. However, it is her expertise in “brain-coding” that has led to a flourishing business to help professional sports teams to multi-million dollar sales teams that is the focus of this Client Spotlight. 

Kip told us about a recent client. “I worked with a client recently who runs a financial services business – a sales team. I took the job description, analyzed it through 1on1 interviews and conversations with the CEO, and determined the unique DNA of the highest achievers on the team. The analysis revealed there were very few who could ‘naturally’ do the job at the highest level s as the owner trained and defined it. As such, we worked to revamp the training so that more people could find success faster and with consistency…..and they are!” 


With her business, Neurosport, Kip took the same techniques she used to help NFL scouts and agents recruit the “right” players to their teams,  and has begun to help CEOs ensure they hire the right members to their company. Kip informed me that with sales recruiting, she looks at what the job requires from a mental skill set. “What the assessment does is identify the neurological realities behind issues that you can’t ask about due to HR laws but it is often those issues that need to be discussed and addressed so we can determine a plan to mitigate the weaknesses and highlight the strengths. Ultimately, we can understand if someone is innately wired to do the actual job assigned to them. If one is not innately wired to perform the function to the highest levels, this does not preclude that person from achieving success but it means the coach or boss will have to customize training to ensure this employee or potential new hire can achieve the success desired.” 

Every person is unique considering their upbringing and the environment in which they operate. As such, personal interviews are part of the process but, as Kip clarified, “It is stunning that even with all these unique variances, specific brain codes are highly predictable. Once you understand these realities, you can work within the facts. Even with legitimate illnesses and biochemical disorders, one will be predispositioned to specific behaviors and thought patterns based on their brain code.” 

Finally, when you visit Kip’s website you will discover that this former IWFL Safety for the Dallas Diamonds is also a Beachbody “Accountability Coach.” Because she is a licensed professional counselor, she has tangible, useable advice to help you achieve success. While most of us have seen the infomercials, Kip can help you intelligently decipher what will make sense for you. I can personally attest to the awesome nutrition I receive with my daily chocolate Shakeology drink! J 

Kip Watson is by far one of the most competent professionals I have ever met. To define what she has done for me personally and professionally is beyond the space of this Client Spotlight. Suffice it to say, you will do yourself, your family and your business a serious “good” if you contact Kip and explore how she might be able to increase your competence. 

Client Spotlight: Andrea Ferguson

Andrea Ferguson, Owner, 3:20 Designs Client Spotlight Andrea Ferguson

www.320designs.com / info@320designs.com / 972-951-4788

I was introduced to 3:20 Designs owner, Andrea Ferguson, when my client Patrick Dougher realized I wanted to do more with the TV interviews he had conducted with me. I needed overall marketing and branding consultation. I needed a “Marketing Director.” ….. I needed someone to do it!

With graphic design as her foundation, Andrea is really in the business of taking clients through the branding process so they can launch, maintain and grow their marketing campaign. The tangible outcomes of the custom tailored packages she creates with each client might include: logo creation, website design, online and print media, newsletters, pamphlets, blogs, social media, etc. From print media to online media-marketing, Andrea helps a client establish or re-establish their identity and brand. The entrepreneur is her target client although corporations continue to seek her expertise as well. As Andrea states, “My best and highest use is the 1on1 attention I can give to an entrepreneur.”

CS_AndreaFerguson320DesignsWhat truly sets Andrea apart is not just her attentiveness to a client’s needs, it is the fact that she surrenders her talents to a Higher Power so that His brilliance, His excellence may work through her. She named her company in recognition of the truth that is found in Ephesians 3:20 and she states, “When I allow God to work through me in this creative process, He delivers exceedingly more than I could. I am just the vessel.”

While it is an honor for me to serve Andrea as her Personal Economic Advisor, I am so much more blessed that she has helped me create a visual representation of what God is doing through me and Epiphany Financial. Andrea has given Epiphany Financial a way to present myself to the world and I know she can do the same for you.

Please contact Andrea. I know you will be blessed be the experience  no matter what the outcome!

To your success,

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Client Spotlight: Lorie Burch

Lorie Burch, Wills & Trust Attorney, The Law office of Lorie. L. Burch, PC.

www.burch-law.com / lorie@burch-law.com / 972-385-0558

 If you interact with April Client SpotlightLorie Burch for very long, you will hear her exclaim, “If you do not have a will….” and in a loud, enthusiastic voice you will respond in unison with those around you, “….then the State of Texas has one for you!”

 While a newcomer to the scene will chuckle upon hearing the robust response of the crowd, and she will immediately acknowledge even the severity of this truth, almost 70% of US citizens do not have a will. When I asked Lorie why people abdicate their responsibility to care for those around them, she stated people do not have this vital legal document due to: (1) procrastination, (2) no understanding of how the law really works, and (3) cost.

 While no one can help someone who won’t help themselves, lack of understanding can be overcome and cost is relative. In both cases, Lorie has been an exceptional and patient teacher for me and my family and, ultimately, the cost paled in comparison to the education and peace of mind we now have as a family.

 2013-10-27 LorieBurchLorie is passionate about her legal practice because she deals with subject matter and life events that are the most difficult for people  to confront. As such, when the inevitable occurs, those who have relied on a loved one who has passed away not only know what this person would have wanted to occur, but they have the power to do something about it. Lorie told me, “Creating a will has very little to do with what you have. It is about making this difficult time as easy for your loved ones as possible by letting them know your wishes and empowering them to carry those wishes out.”

 When Lorie is not helping clients create legal peace of mind, she is busy pouring her heart and soul into women all around the country as the current National President of the oldest personal and professional development organization for working women, the American Business Women’s Association – ABWA. While she has officially been a member for nine years, Lorie grew up in ABWA because her mother is a long time member. When I asked Lorie what it is about ABWA that is so special she stated:

 “From my earliest days all I knew is that I wanted to make a difference and change the world. The path God has put me on is not only what I do for a living but it is to support and promote the women of ABWA. I am passionate about helping ABWA because they have helped me be a more complete person. My biggest passion is advocacy – specifically equal rights for the LGBT community and I advocate on a local and national level. It is in ABWA that these two passions come to life as I was completely accepted, supported, promoted and even celebrated for all aspects of who I am- ABWA allowed me to be me. As such, I want to help change hearts and minds so that each person can live to their full potential which means living comfortably and productively in their own skin. This is what ABWA did for me!”

 To learn more about ABWA, feel free to contact Lorie directly at lorie@burch-law.com. Oh, and if you do contact her, get ready to have the phone answered by the most absolutely divine Senior Paralegal, Matthew. J

Client Spotlight: Dr. Raymund King

 Client Spotlight: Dr. Raymund King

Dr Raymund KingWhile God tells us that we are created in His image and, therefore, equal to each other, the Creator clearly states that there is reason and purpose behind why He did not bestow equal levels of talent upon each of us. The Divine further explains that for those to whom He gave a lot, He expects much more. As such, it is humbling to meet a child of God who has fully embraced the calling to be of service to others.

Dr. King worked his way through college and medical school as a professional magician and concert violinist.  After practicing medicine for 10 years as an ear, nose, and throat surgeon in Oklahoma City, Dr. King was called to help others through the legal profession.  His clinic was only 6 blocks away from ground zero in Oklahoma City, and he treated many of the victims of the bombing.  He also personally witnessed the death of 17 victims on that tragic day.  In fact, Dr. King applied to law school the week after the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. 

Now, Dr. King’s law firm combines his passion and experience in entertainment as well as healthcare.  As General Counsel to celebrities, producers and physician groups, Dr. King is a highly sought after professional. But what makes him even more “attractive,” is the fact that he is relentless in his commitment to others. 

Dr. King provides so much support and awareness-raising for non-profit organizations, that I am certain people confuse him for a “professional philanthropist” rather than for the legal counsel he is so highly sought after to provide. However, because Raymund is a client and a friend, I know he doesn’t mind the confusion because it is his heart’s desire to be of service to others and philanthropy is where is has found his passion.

While I encourage you to seek out Dr. King for your general counsel needs, I know it will bring Raymund even more joy if you would consider supporting one of his many non-profit organizations. Dr. King is a member of the following, either as a current Board Member or steering committee member, or supporter:

- Kids Vision for Life - KVFL - Chairman of the Board (www.kidsvisionforlife.org)
- Essilor Vision Foundation - Board Member (www.essilorvisionfoundation.org)
- Dallas Life - Board Member (www.dallaslife.org)
- The Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids - DIFFA - Board Member (www.diffadallas.org)
- Snowball Express - Supporter (www.snowballexpress.org)
- Parker University - Board of Trustees (www.parker.edu/trustees/)
- Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society - Board Member and General Counsel (www.texasascsociety.org)
- Topping Out Committee - Supporting the Arc of Dallas - Steering committee member (www.toppingout.org)
- Night of Superstars - Ragan’s Hope - Platinum Ring Chairman (www.nightofsuperstars.org)
- Lifesavers Foundation - Supporter (www.lifesaversfoundation.org)
- Echelon Club of Southern California (www.theechelonclub.com) - Board Member

Dr. Raymund King, The Law Offices of Raymund C. King, MD, JD, PLLC

www.rkinglaw.com / rking@rkinglaw.com / (972)381-2792