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Client Spotlight: Ryan Colarossi, Franchisee, The Egg & I Restaurants

www.TheEggandIRestaurants.com / RyanColarossi@gmail.com

Because I spent almost a decade as a single mom raising a boy, it was critical that I introduced my son to men of value, men with ethics, men who are devoted to their wives and children, men who work hard because they love their family and community. As such, in 2007 when the young owner of Egg & I Restaurant in Addison, Texas became my client, I knew I had discovered such a man.

Ryan Colarossi and family own three Egg & I Restaurants (Addison, Carrollton, Denton). Not only does he manage a family run business that provides delicious, hearty meals in a clean and friendly environment, Ryan and his team are a great addition to any community.

In an effort to understand how Ryan has achieved so much success at such an early age, Epiphany Financial asked him where it all began and did he envision the life he now leads:

Ryan: “I knew I loved the restaurant business since freshman year in high school.... I am the oldest of 4 kids. I am a born leader. It is my role, my position. People say you change in your 20s and 30s but I never changed; I was always ambitious and disciplined. I was so disciplined that if I wanted to play video games, I had to clean my room. I always like earning the reward. I am self-motivated. If I wanted to eat candy, I would jog a mile before I ate the candy….I wish I was still like that now.”

After a brief chuckle, Epiphany Financial asked: “Beyond the discipline and hard work, what motivates you to get up every day and serve the public?”

Ryan: “For this moment right here – the ability to spend an hour with a friend who is genuine and real…. I try to connect with every single customer. If I can put a smile on someone’s face for even just five seconds, THAT is what matters. The food is not that special. It’s fresh, we use quality ingredients, and it is prepared in a clean environment and that’s important, but what matters is the people.”

Epiphany: “Apparently people are your number one priority, as such, how do you choose your business relationships?”

Ryan: “I played competitive sports (baseball) in high school and college and so it prepared me for the world and working as a team. I work well with team players and I don’t even have to necessarily like you. I just need to know that you are first and foremost a ‘master of your craft.’ I need to trust and respect that you will get the job done well and in my best interests.”

Epiphany: “So is it important that the many community groups to which you donate food, give money, expend your time, be groups that meet this criteria?”

Ryan: “Not directly. We contribute to whatever is important to our customers. If it is important to someone else, then it is important to us. Even if your motives are not pure, I don’t worry about it too much because 9 out of 10 requests are pure. Everybody is a winner when you come to the Egg & I. If you put your time and energy into the community, then that matters to us.”

Epiphany: “So where do you go from here? What is next?”

Ryan: I am not sure anymore. My ego wants me to have 10 restaurants but I am at a crossroads right now because I have a lot of flexibility with my time. I do not have to be physically and mentally exhausted anymore and, I must admit, I almost feel guilty because of it. At base I know that I will continue to grow and maintain what I have created because my biggest concern is to ensure I have opportunities for my people.”

If you have not eaten at Egg & I, you are not only missing out on some of these best waffles and egg dishes in the Metroplex, but you will not get to experience a friendly, family environment that will leave you feeling a little bit better about yourself and the community at large. Thank you Ryan Colarossi and family for reminding us why small business is the heart and soul of America!

If you want to understand why Ryan and the Colarossi family have chosen to work with Epiphany Financial, please contact us today so we can conduct your “Financial Health Check up.”

“When Kasandra and her team came to my home for the first time and educated me on the financial freedom that is available to me, ideas and strategies that I did not know about, I was eager to learn more. What convinced me to work with Epiphany Financial was that you took the time to guide me through a process. You are a master of your craft! Don’t just be good at what you do, be great at what you do! When I think of Kasandra I think of someone who is a master of her craft in financial strategy. You give me your attention and your time and you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to work that hard for money and yet you do. You genuinely choose to help people. I would be pretty well off if we had not met, but then you came in and made it a lot better. You took me to a higher tier that I did not realize I was capable of reaching. You chose to give me that gift and it is precious and it is incredibly rare. The pointe of difference that you offer, is that you truly care about the Colarossi family first.”

ROR is not the same as SORR.

I have been teaching these truths for the past 8 years but even for those who actively refer clients to me, the ability to explain why “rate of return” is not the same as “sequence of return risk” is still somewhat too academic. As such, my clients will simply tell a referral, “Just talk to Kasandra and keep listening to her until you get it!”

Specifically, I help people design and implement a dynamic and sustainable wealth system that combines investments and insurance such that one has more income in retirement with less risk and more guarantees.

The two arguments that I hear most often against the strategic combination of investments and insurance are: (1) the market has an average ROR of double digits so all I need are my investments and (2) the insurance company can crash - basically, people have uber-faith in the market/their investments and zero to negative faith in actuarial science. Interestingly enough, neither of these arguments addresses one of the most critical and fundamental issues when it comes to creating an income in retirement.

A critical and fundamental REALITY is that no one has a crystal ball on the future. Therefore, no one can tell you what the market will do or when it will do it. Future market and environmental risks add profound and unrealistic pressure to an “investments only” strategy. Along these lines, where might you be when you seek to withdraw an income from your mountain of investments? What might your lifestyle “really” look like? What will your real “needs” be, really? And how might those needs change over the 20 to 30 year retirement most of us would like to enjoy?

Bottom line, ensuring the highest level of income from your mountain of investment assets is all about risk mitigation and you can not prevent risk with the same tools which have “risk” as their base definition.

Fortunately, what I have been teaching folks and what academicians are now getting worldwide attention for via coverage in Forbes and MarketWatch is: if you want to get the most out of your investment strategy, guaranteed, combine it with an actuarial strategy.

If you will not read the 27-page white paper posted on the Epiphany Financial website, http://financialepiphany.com/wealth-tools/then at least read the excerpt below.

After reading, reach out and let’s map out what your current wealth strategy will yield when you reach the coveted age of retirement and then let’s compare how my team of personal economic strategists and advisors might improve and increase what you currently have in place with more guarantees and less risk.

The financial market returns experienced near one’s retirement date matter a great deal more than most people realize. Even with the same average returns over a long period of time, retiring at the start of a bear market is very dangerous because wealth can be depleted quite rapidly as withdrawals are made from a diminishing portfolio and little may be left to benefit from any subsequent market recovery. We do not have the luxury of forecasting whether there will be a bear or bull market at the onset of our retirement.

Sequence of returns risk relates to the heightened vulnerability individuals face regarding the realized investment portfolio returns in the years around their retirement date. Though this risk is related to general investment risk and market volatility, sequence of returns risk differs from general investment risk. The average market return over a 30-year period could be quite generous, but if negative returns are experienced in the early stages when someone has started to spend from their portfolio, sequence of returns risk manifests through the fact that the early portfolio decline creates a subsequent hurdle that cannot be overcome even if the market is offering higher returns later in retirement. The dynamics of sequence risk suggest that the retirement prospects for a particular cohort of retirees could be jeopardized by a prolonged recessionary environment early in retirement without there necessarily being an accompanying economic catastrophe. This is a subtle but important point worth repeating. Particular retiree cohorts could experience very poor retirement outcomes relative to those retiring a few years earlier or later, and devastation for one cohort does not necessarily imply devastation for an insurance company which is pooling financial market risk across different cohorts. (“Optimizing Retirement Income by Combining Actuarial Science and Investments,” Wade D. Pfau, Ph.D., CFA, p.9)

At Epiphany Financial we teach people how to make the RIGHT decisions about your money. We help you design and implement a dynamic and sustainable wealth system that combines investments and insurance such that one has more income in retirement with less risk and more guarantees. Thus, reach out so we can ensure you have what you WANT and not just what you need.

Get out of Debt….and Stay Out! Part 1

Practical Tips, Tricks, Techniques

During Q2 of 2015 we are examining not only the importance of but also the power of budgeting. Over the years I have learned that less than 5% of the population has a budget and less than ½ of these folks actually track their actuals against their projections. While there are a few reasons why this foundational practice is not followed by so many, one major barrier to folks tracking their inflows and outflows is debt. As such, how do you get out of debt?

The biggest reason people find themselves mired in debt is often due to one of the three D’s: divorce, disability or disaster. I EF_Expect Inspectunderstand “life happens” as it has happened to me. However, the behaviors and dispositions I had in place prior to the “Bid D” that struck my life are what allowed me to rise out the valley of debt (and despair) a lot faster than those without these behaviors already in place. 

As such, what DO those who have money, who are not in debt, who have “wealth” actually DO differently that allows them to not only overcome a major setback but to have even more?

Those who not only survive but THRIVE understand the following:

  1. Respect the finite nature of money: If you only have a $100, you cannot spend $200. Period. In fact, you cannot spend $101. You cannot spend what you do not have, Period.
  2. Save!: Embrace the truth that NOONE will save for your future. As such, you MUST save a portion of every dollar you make. Many will advocate 10% but the wealthy save 20% or more of every dollar they make. The amount you save is the difference between surviving and thriving!
  3. Wants vs. Needs: Live the capital “T” Truth that life is mostly a series of “wants” and not “needs.” As such, do not allow yourself to use language such as, “I need to send my child to private school,” when you have no money set aside for your own retirement. Or, “I need to get my nails done” which takes at least $50 every month. You must learn the Truth that every time you cave in to a “want” you actually take away from a legitimate “need.”
  4. Budget: You MUST have a budget that you actively manage. As such, you MUST track your inflows and outflows. You cannot expect, what you do not inspect.  You cannot expect wealth and financial freedom if you do not inspect where the money is going. 

The reality is, each of the four points listed can consume a few pages each if we were to truly dive into each of them. However, because we have only touched the surface and because there are four more tips, I encourage you to mediate on what has been stated so far and tell me what you think. 

Don’t forget to return for the next post to learn about the four remaining tips to get out of debt and stay out!

If you are someone who wants MORE and you are ready to not just gain the knowledge but to understand the application, the wisdom, the HOW TO, please reach out and let’s walk through the First Step of my “Four Steps to Financial Freedom” process. The “fee” is an hour of your time and I will even buy the coffee! (Unless we meet virtually in which case I will send you a Starbucks card ☺) 

Epiphany Financial is a wealth education company established to ensure individuals, families and businesses get the most efficient use of their money so that you can focus on that which really matters: faith, family and community

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You Know, I’m All About the Budget

Some people make it a habit to read a chapter of Proverbs at the start of every day.

In “the Message” Bible, it states that the purpose of Proverbs is “to teach people the ropes,” so that we may attain wisdom and discipline and to understand what life means and how to do what is right, just and fair.Epiphany Financial

Proverbs 1:7 is a key verse that encapsulates the book’s overall purpose: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.”

I personally like the even more direct approach of Proverbs 12:1, which states: “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.”

Because I am an educator, Proverbs speaks a language that I value and wish more would embrace. Unfortunately, far too many detest discipline and, thus, shun the wisdom that could lead to their freedom.

When you consider what I do for a living – I help people make the “right” decisions about their money. And, the first “right” decision is to have a budget, yet the vast majority do not take the time and exercise the discipline to do so.

I work with 22 year olds to 72 year olds. I work with people who can save $100 a month to folks who save over $1,000,000 a year, and of the hundreds of clients and families with whom I work, there are less than 10% who came to me with a clearly defined budget of inflows and outflows, and even fewer who updated this document monthly.


And yet everyone wants financial freedom. Everyone articulates a desire to have “more.” Everyone talks about a desire for financial security. But, again, how can you EXPECT to have any of these realities if you do not INSPECT what is real?

Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty. (Proverbs 28:19)

Which leads me to some truths about how money really works in the lives of hard working US citizens: the vast majority do not know how to “think” about a budget, how to actually map it out and keep it current. Furthermore, money is THE hardest topic to discuss which is why it is the #1 stressor. As such, when you combine the challenge of knowing “how” to create and manage a budget with the emotions that surround money, it makes sense that so many people do not have a budget. And even for those folks who tell me they don’t need a budget because they don’t spend more than they make, my experience has been that because they do not truly know what is coming in and going out, they are throwing away money, literally.  

Whatever your situation, working with a professional who is focused on the behaviors and strategies that lead to wealth and security can be the difference between surviving and thriving! Look for someone who understands process over products first! (And, if you want a head start, you can access some budget worksheets on my website by clicking here.)

If you are a person of discipline when it comes to your personal economy; if you seek knowledge and wisdom when it comes to the macro-economic impact of micro-economic movements within your family economic system, contact us so we can help ensure you have the optimum return on EVERY dollar in your system.

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Client Spotlight: David Visser

David Gerrit Visser, Pilot, Movie Producer, Author, Investor/Commodities Trader, Visser Entertainment,  Amazing Media Group, Avanti Traders Group Visserentertainment.com / dvisser@visserentertainment.com

When my client referred me to David, I was forewarned that he would be skeptical because he had degrees in finance and was a pretty serious investor. Thus, to convince him that I might David Visserhave some information that he could use to add to his arsenal of financial knowledge and increase his overall wealth position was an obstacle I had overcome before but, alas, not without some extra effort.

As such, when I finally met David at his home, I was immediately impressed because while he had all the worldly attributes of a man of success, it was his humble openness to learning that let me know I was not interacting with just any successful serial entrepreneur, I was in the presence of a man who has vision. Not only does David go for and get what he wants, he uses what he has to be a blessing to others.

….but he didn’t necessarily start out that way.

In fact, David admitted that the basic reason he pursued the various businesses and opportunities he has was for the financial success. A case in point was his entry into the entertainment business.

As a private pilot, David had already attained the highest levels of success and skill within his field and has become the highest time Piaggio pilot in the world. Therefore, he began to more actively pursue other interests. Because he had always been fascinated by the film industry, when he was given the opportunity to buy a film that he knew nothing about, he was very clear that it was a “widget,” a tangible, hard asset that he could own and do something with eventually…..and did he ever!

David has used his ownership of “The Pistol: Birth of a Legend” to host a viewing and raise money for Snowball Express that helps support children who have lost parents in the military. Through the viewing of “Last Ounce of Courage,” the Daughters of WWII raised enough money to send 13 veterans back to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the invasion. David is currently the Executive Producer on a movie called Donovan that will raise awareness about bi-polar disorder. (Release date December 2015.)

David even helped finance a book (originally just another “widget” to him) called Squirrel and Oak which speaks to children about death and helps them process through it. So while he had been investing in movies and books largely as pure “investments,” David realized that he could change lives through awareness and education.

So just as his investment in Donovan became about more than just the money, David has even ventured into writing a book of his own to help kids and even adults overcome their fear of flying. “There’s Magic in the Air: A pilot’s view of aviation behind the scenes” will be released in the upcoming months as well.

David said that when he looks back on the choices he has made it may seem disconnected but, in reality, there is a theme, there is a pattern, “It’s about giving back and helping. It’s about changing and improving lives through awareness and education. There is more out there than just work. You can basically do anything you want. You can be anything you want to be in America. It is a choice.”

It was at this point in the interview that I had my own “epiphany” about why David and I clicked from the very start – he is passionate about bringing out the best not just in himself, but others which is why he, like myself, is committed to “changing and improving lives through awareness and education.”

If you want to learn more about what David does and how you might be able to couple your talents with his, contact him at www.Visserentertainment.com / dvisser@visserentertainment.com.

And If you are someone who wants MORE and you are ready to not just gain the knowledge but to understand the application, the wisdom, the HOW TO, please reach out and let’s walk through the First Step of my “Four Steps to Financial Freedom” process. The “fee” is an hour of your time and I will even buy the coffee!


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How Do You Eat An Elephant?

She was pissed!

After almost a year of working with me the amount of money she thought she should have had was not there and she blamed me.

The reason the conversation was especially difficult was that the reason for the lack of funds was not a variable of the guaranteed growth contract she now owned, but because she chose not to transfer monthly savings into the contract like she had planned when we started working together a year earlier. Point being, even with my consistent reminders that she was not tracking to her plan, she did not want to admit that she did not do her part to guarantee her Epiphany Financialfinancial success and she chose to blame me.

However, as a personal trainer, she understood that in order to have the body, the health one wants, s/he must be willing to put in the daily work of exercise and eating right and sticking to the plan the health trainer has laid out. Therefore, eventually she did admit that she actively chose not to listen to her wealth trainer, me, and did not follow the plan we had outlined, but that she would start.

And so it is with establishing goals – sometimes you have to re-start in order to get ahead but you CAN restart.

As such, how are you tracking on the goals you established for yourself this year?....Or should I ask, did you actually write down any goals? If you wrote out your goals, did you share them with someone?

Or, again, do we need to re-start and actually write down some goals?

It’s early March. There are about nine months left in the year. Restart if you need to.

After all, how do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

If you had planned to get started on establishing a budget or you had meant to roll over that old 401K or you are eager to set up your child’s education fund but you have yet to make any progress towards the financial goals you have in mind, write them down now and then contact me so we can discuss the best way to actually achieve the specifics in a reasonable time frame that will guarantee you the results you want.

Epiphany Financial is a wealth education company established to ensure individuals, families and businesses get the most efficient use of their money so that you can focus on that which really matters: faith, family and community.

I Don’t Like People

Do you ever feel that way? 

Full authenticity, I really do not LIKE what most people DO but because I have a downright “unnatural” LOVE for my human kind, my heart breaks to watch people sabotage their own success and joy. 

While I LOVE people, I do not LIKE their behaviors that are counter to what they say they believe and want for themselves. 


After 45+ years of observation, I am convinced that people are not so much “hypocritical” as they are INCONSISITENT. They do not live up to the desires theyEF-People_FB have for themselves such that what they say and do does not match what is actually occurring…and they are ignorant of this truth. They are not aware that what they say and do does not lead to the results they want. 

I KNOW this to be a fact because I work with peoples’ money. I don’t just sell people financial products. I dig into how people manage their budgets; how money flows. 

The #1 inconsistency I see in people is that they say they want more financial security, they say they want more opportunity; they say they want more money and yet they have no clear plan to manage the money they have. They have no idea exactly what happens to all the buckets of money they have already accumulated or even why they chose said bucket in the first place. They have no day-to-day game plan that they can clearly articulate as a means to get to their expected outcomes for their future. 

People flat out have no idea where they are going, so they just “hope” it is better than what they are actually doing.

 Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies [“hope”] will have their fill of poverty. (Proverbs 28:19)

Because most people really have no clear vision of where they are going, of course they are not clear as to the action steps, behaviors, attitudes that will get them there. And HOPE, while critical in a spiritual sense, has nothing to do with doing your part to create the life that is very possible to have.

So, if you truly want to get to a better place, ya gotta have a plan

The plans of the diligent lead to profit (Proverbs 21:5)

If you want success, freedom, opportunities, options in any area of life, you have to map out of plan that you can stick with and evaluate.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. 

As such, make a plan. Set some goals. Use the SMART method to refine the list. Share it with another. Check in at regular intervals to make sure you are making strides towards said goal. And do it again the next day.

While my “Goals Wheel” can help you start the process for every area of your life, when it comes to your money, an understanding of how money REALLY works and what is possible might motivate you to get busy defining a budget and setting monetary and financial goals. To that end, join us on ONE of 4 seminars being offered live or via webinar this month.

The traditional financial planning model no longer exists. Join us in person or via webinar for one of FOUR dates and times to learn how we can combine what you are already doing with the latest economic analysis and strategies to produce more funds for your retirement.

Click the link to register

Client Spotlight: Tanya Reddick Rodgers

Tanya Reddick Rodgers, Dermatologist, SkinSpecialists 

http://www.skinspecialistsoa.com / 972-649-6644

I met Dr. Tanya Reddick-Rodgers after first meeting her husband, Tarik, at a networking event. Because Tarik heard that I work within the financial services world of insurance and investments, he honed in on the investment side of my business and agreed to a meeting.  The Rodgers quickly became clients because, Tanay Reddick Rodgers 011014philosophically, they approach their work with the same purpose in mind – to make an impact. Tanya told me, “I know I make an impact when I hear a patient say, ‘I was so scared to come into your office and you put me at ease.’”

Tanya Reddick-Rodgers is a certified dermatologist. She is not just a “skin technician” or some board certified physician in something other than dermatology. She has extensive training in the specialty of skin. Tanya was trained at a top notch university and medical school. Her residency training was at a large institution that allowed her to see a myriad of skin disease and how that affects all skin colors. She is an expert! In fact, our spirits united as kindred souls when she made it clear that while she is a “patient’s doctor” such that personality and aplomb matter, it is “brains first and then personality” because expertise matters. While it is true that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care….you still have to know a lot more than the average bear!

As such, while one can rest assured that Tanya is committed to the most current technology and information available in her field, she is a truly likeable and warm-hearted wife and mother of two who manages two thriving dermatology offices in Allen and Addison, Texas.

As a “patients doctor,” Tanya takes time to educate patients because successful and sustainable solutions to skin problems usually require more work on the part of the client due to what can sometimes be a complicated regimen. She works hard to help patients understand the outcome of the daily routine. Tanya told me, “It’s hard enough to take one pill a day let alone when you have a morning routine that changes for night.” However because Tanya believes that her calling is to help others help themselves, the response she hears the most is, “I have been to so many dermatologist and you are the first person to explain to me what I have.” 

It is beyond refreshing to know that Tanya is not only one of the best in her field, she really does care, She told me, “I know my patients and the details of their lives. I like to spend time with people. People come to me not necessarily because they were not getting the correct treatment but because they were never fully educated as to what they were truly dealing with and the reasonable expectations.”  

As an extension of serving others through her vocation, Tanya and Tarik give of their time, talents and treasures to CitySquare, a non-profit organization committed to fighting the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy and friendship.

Not only has it been a honor to serve Tanya and Tarik with their wealth building process, I too have had the pleasure of seeing Dr Reddick Rodgers as a patient. However, I am most pleased that I can call Tanya and Tarik my friends!


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Write Down Goals = Achieve More!

If you have been in the professional world for any amount of time, you have probably heard statistics of how one achieves success – s/he has written goals. Research reveals,

“…those with written goals were earning 10 times what the others who had no written goals were earning.” Another study concludes, “Those with written goals have 80% more earnings over a lifetime than those without.” 

*When you have written goals, you achieve more than those who do not. 

** When you share these written goals with another, you achieve at an even higher level. EF_Goals_Blog

*** When you periodically update another on your progress towards your goals, you have the highest level of achievement possible.

Written Goals Matter!

As such, if you say you want more wealth and more financial security, start by defining goals in all areas of your life. After all, what is money if not a tool to achieve that what you want in all areas of your life?! 

Money is a means to an end. Therefore, write down what you want to achieve, put a timeframe around it and identify any resources that you may need to get there. Don’t overthink it and don’t ignore the exercise. Write down a goal for the 8 key areas of your life using the SMART method: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound

  1. Faith / Spiritual
  2. Family / Communal
  3. Career / Vocational
  4. Education / Intellectual
  5. Health / Physical
  6. Wealth / Financial
  7. Friends / Social
  8. Fun / Recreational

…..Now share those goals with another who you trust to encourage you along the journey! Finally, set a date a month or two later when you will update the person as to the progress you have made towards your goals……and then set another date a month or two after that meeting and so on…… 

Of course, if getting a handle on your finances or building a working budget or streamlining your multiple savings and investments accounts is anywhere on your list of goals for 2015, I look forward to receiving your call so I can encourage you along the way! 

This month’s wealth tool, Goals Wheel, came to you via my Money Matters e-newsletter.  If you didn’t receive it, click here to register!  In the meantime, be watching social media in the coming weeks for the wealth tool post.  This is a great guide to help you get your goals on paper!

If you are someone who wants MORE and you are ready to not just gain the knowledge but to understand the application, the wisdom, the HOW TO, please reach out and let’s walk through the First Step of my “Four Steps to Financial Freedom” process. The “fee” is an hour of your time and I will even buy the coffee!


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A Moment of Gratitude

Gratitude. Thankfulness. Joy.

This is what I feel when I think about the gift of serving you! You don’t have to read this message; you choose to, and, forEF-Gratitude_FB that, you are a BLESSING!

When you take note of my message, you receive not just my words, but my thoughts, my heart. And, truthfully, what else is there if you can not give of yourself to others?

I believe, I KNOW, Iwill not be deterred from my core Truth that I was not created for my own pleasure but rather so that I may be of use, of value, of service to another. 

As such, THANK YOU for allowing me to serve you in 2014!

The fact that you have read my e-newsletters, “liked” my Facebook posts, visited my website, allowed me to work with you and those you love, has helped me fulfill my purpose. YOU give me purpose and I am humbled to the point of tears. THANK YOU!

May God richly bless you in 2015! May you feel the Omnipotent and Omnipresent in your life today and each day of 2015 regardless of the circumstances of the moment.

I look forward to serving you for many years to come!


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