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A Moment of Gratitude

Gratitude. Thankfulness. Joy.

This is what I feel when I think about the gift of serving you! You don’t have to read this message; you choose to, and, forEF-Gratitude_FB that, you are a BLESSING!

When you take note of my message, you receive not just my words, but my thoughts, my heart. And, truthfully, what else is there if you can not give of yourself to others?

I believe, I KNOW, Iwill not be deterred from my core Truth that I was not created for my own pleasure but rather so that I may be of use, of value, of service to another. 

As such, THANK YOU for allowing me to serve you in 2014!

The fact that you have read my e-newsletters, “liked” my Facebook posts, visited my website, allowed me to work with you and those you love, has helped me fulfill my purpose. YOU give me purpose and I am humbled to the point of tears. THANK YOU!

May God richly bless you in 2015! May you feel the Omnipotent and Omnipresent in your life today and each day of 2015 regardless of the circumstances of the moment.

I look forward to serving you for many years to come!


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The Drunk and His Lamppost

In the words of sportscaster Vin Scully,

“Statistics get used much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination.”

Or as my pastor Pete Briscoe reminds us as we seek to understand the heart and mind of God by reading  His Word, TheEF-drunk-lamppost Bible, “Words taken out of context are a pretext for a prooftext.” Meaning, if you don’t understand the cultural and environmental context and reality in which the words were delivered, you will focus on the narrow definition of the words themselves and miss the Truth and wisdom God intends.

Whether it is statistics in sports or words from the Bible, all the  data, facts, stats, words, definitions, knowledge that is now instantly accessible to everyone via the power of internet can be very misleading if one does not recognize that the internet is mostly a fancy and more widespread version of the Encyclopedia Britannica. If you do not seek to gain wisdom, insight, the Truth of the data, then you are simply a drunk leaning against a pole.

As such, when I state that “Money is not Math. Money is human behavior,” it is to remind people that you can have all knowledge but no wisdom. You can win a game a Trivial Pursuit but implicit in the name is the true result of using facts and data without a context for understanding their use, their application, their “why,”= it is “trivial” and amounts to no tangible gain. 

And isn’t that what we really want? Don’t we want data and stats and facts and knowledge that moves us forward? Don’t we want information that helps us improve and increase our happiness, our health, our wealth our overall sense of purpose and joy? 

If you are someone who wants MORE and you are ready to not just gain the knowledge but to understand the application, the wisdom, the HOW TO, please reach out and let’s walk through the First Step of my “Four Steps to Financial Freedom” process. The “fee” is an hour of your time and I will even buy the coffee! 

Contact me today!

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Forget Thin. I Want To Be Hot!

Have you ever checked out peoples’ butts? I mean, just sat there and watched as people walked by and checked them out; all the saggy EF - Forget Thinbutts, the skin tight jeans over non-existent butts, the designer jeans reshaping the overly round butts, and every once and a great while you see a really nice ass. It’s rare isn’t it?

Heck, everyone has some semblance of flesh on their backside. But for 60% of the population their butt is more bulbous than bodacious. The minority that might be considered “thin” simply have no butt of noticeable significance.

A truly nice ass; a butt worth admiring; a butt I would want – now that is rare.

Personally, I don’t accept just average. I don’t want to just be “thin.” While thin is nice, and I am glad the Lord continues to bless me with a body that has not expanded too far and wide, I simply do not want to be just thin – I want to be HOT!

Don’t you? If you could achieve HOT by changing a few things in your daily routine, maybe not even too much, and yet attain the status of HOT, wouldn’t you want to know those few necessary things? Of course, if I told you that your HOT status may not come within a few months but it may even take a year or two, wouldn’t it still be worth it if, again, I did not impact your overall lifestyle in too dramatic of a fashion?

I can. I know how to guarantee you will be HOT!

But, alas, I am not a personal fitness coach. I am a personal wealth coach and if you are okay with having “enough,” if you are fine with doing “okay,” then I am not the trainer for you.

However, if you want to be HOT when it comes to having your money work for you, I can get you beyond “enough” and “okay” and I can help you get MORE!

Heck, who wants to be just thin when you can be HOT!

To your success,

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Does your financial plan maximize what you have today without undermining your tomorrow? Are you willing to learn about processes and systems rather than products and quick fixes? I am here to help guide and instruct you, no matter what level you’re at.

14 of 28: Love Means “To Give”

On August 21, 2005 I woke up with clammy skin and a headache not just because I had drunk too much the night before but because I knew I had blown it. As the Director of an international organization and host of the board meeting, I knew my alcohol consumption the night before had not been “appropriate” for a professional setting…or any setting for that matter…and I felt sick. The look on a few of the board members’ face told me everything I needed to know. I called my boss who was suffering from pregnancy sickness and had not made it to the morning meeting and with an edge of desperation in my voice asked, “What did I do last night?” And, with sadness in her voice she simply stated, “Oh Kasandra.” That was the last time I drank alcohol. Tonight, six and a half years later, I hosted a benefit dinner for Caron Texas, one of the oldest and most successful residential rehabilitation centers in the nation for individuals who want to recover from the debilitating disease of alcoholism. Far too many people knowingly suffer with this disease and an even greater number are in denial about their dependency on their favorite “relaxer” but, alas, organizations like Caron Texas make it possible for these people to find true peace. Please join us again in May when we host our second benefit event. If you have a heart to give to a worthy organization which positively alters the life course, not just of one individual, but his or her family and community, please contact me about what sustainable giving can mean for you.

Day 1 of 28 – Just Be Nice, People Hurt

“Hi, it’s J. I remember you in high school being most popular, highly intelligent and nice to everyone. From time to time I'll read you posts and think wow, this woman hasn’t just succeeded from high school till now, but your whole life has been an awesome impression of how one should live their life. It seems you have achieved so many things, You're a true inspiration on how we should live our lives. Great job. I know God smiles on you. Very powerful Kasandra. Sincerely, J” This Facebook message I received today is similar to others I have received since this technology has allowed people from my past to reconnect. While my worldly ego appreciates the compliment, I am much more motivated to share this message because I know where the truth of Jeremy’s sentiment emanates and that is from the Lord Almighty. Truthfully, I have NO idea how people see me. I did not have a clue I was so well liked or even admired and I am still befuddled by such accolades. When I grew up in a non-descript suburb of Los Angeles, I felt alone and “weird” and almost “wrong” or “less than” because I did not have a home of which I could feel proud.  My parents, in their drunkenness, would beat the crap out of each other and I have strong memories of blood splattering on the walls. I remember cops rushing through my 1000sf home trying to stop these drunken brawls. I was being molested by a relative who stayed with us a lot because his mother was often in a bar in some strange town far away or visiting the “love of her life” in jail. When my dad finally left the state, the violence stopped but the insanity and financial strain of living in a home of a functional alcoholic did not. Fast forward to today, my mother, who is my biggest advocate and who no longer drinks, will “brag” about how “accepting” I was of all people when I grew up because I did not judge the “geeks” from those who were popular. Even though I could hang with the “A” crowd because I was pretty, the Class President, Editor of the Yearbook and a star athlete, she references my friendship with a young man who by society’s standards, from his appearance to his voice to his social awkwardness, was a geek. Regardless, I often knocked on Reggie’s door so we could walk to school together. What my mother only recently just learned is that I knew everyone thought Reggie was a nerd because, well, he was. His voice was nasally, he had intense acne and greasy hair and he had no idea how to hold a conversation. However, Reggie and I were in the “smart kid” classes so we grew up together and, like me, Reggie had a less than stellar home life and I understood him. Like me, Reggie was alone. I was nice to everyone because, alas, life was hard and I knew that if I felt scared and alone and generally unsure of what I might encounter on any given day, how must others feel? While I sometimes wondered if maybe I was a “freak” and the “only one who dealt with such ugliness,” I also had a fairly strong sense that I was not alone; that others suffered even if the specific details of their hurt did not match mine. Fast forward to my 40s and it is crystal clear to me now why I was able to see the pain of others and respond with sympathy and compassion – there is a God. What Allen wrote to me is a response I receive fairly consistently from people who knew me growing up as well as from people who have come to know me only recently. I am humbled and honored that they reach out when they need someone to speak to because they are still hurting. Sometimes, even though life was somewhat storybook as they grew up (the opposite of my life), they have now become lost and they don’t know how to get back. I say the same thing to all of them – there is a God who loves them more powerfully than our finite human minds can imagine and He is just waiting to have a deep relationship with them. If you want to talk to someone who can help you understand who this God is – how a relationship with Him will transform your life – reach out to me or find a friend who walks in the grace of the Lord and become vulnerable and honest with this person or contact the spiritual coaches at Groundwire. If you are in a good place, then gather your children and their friends and watch “To Save A Life”…and then talk about it.  Discuss how you can affect a more positive change for others around you just by being nice. We live in a temporal, broken world and the facts of our past do not have to dictate the path of our future if you are willing to let The Almighty be your guide. Let Him in and you too will shine!