Client Spotlight: David Visser

David Gerrit Visser, Pilot, Movie Producer, Author, Investor/Commodities Trader, Visser Entertainment,  Amazing Media Group, Avanti Traders Group Visserentertainment.com / dvisser@visserentertainment.com

When my client referred me to David, I was forewarned that he would be skeptical because he had degrees in finance and was a pretty serious investor. Thus, to convince him that I might David Visserhave some information that he could use to add to his arsenal of financial knowledge and increase his overall wealth position was an obstacle I had overcome before but, alas, not without some extra effort.

As such, when I finally met David at his home, I was immediately impressed because while he had all the worldly attributes of a man of success, it was his humble openness to learning that let me know I was not interacting with just any successful serial entrepreneur, I was in the presence of a man who has vision. Not only does David go for and get what he wants, he uses what he has to be a blessing to others.

….but he didn’t necessarily start out that way.

In fact, David admitted that the basic reason he pursued the various businesses and opportunities he has was for the financial success. A case in point was his entry into the entertainment business.

As a private pilot, David had already attained the highest levels of success and skill within his field and has become the highest time Piaggio pilot in the world. Therefore, he began to more actively pursue other interests. Because he had always been fascinated by the film industry, when he was given the opportunity to buy a film that he knew nothing about, he was very clear that it was a “widget,” a tangible, hard asset that he could own and do something with eventually…..and did he ever!

David has used his ownership of “The Pistol: Birth of a Legend” to host a viewing and raise money for Snowball Express that helps support children who have lost parents in the military. Through the viewing of “Last Ounce of Courage,” the Daughters of WWII raised enough money to send 13 veterans back to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the invasion. David is currently the Executive Producer on a movie called Donovan that will raise awareness about bi-polar disorder. (Release date December 2015.)

David even helped finance a book (originally just another “widget” to him) called Squirrel and Oak which speaks to children about death and helps them process through it. So while he had been investing in movies and books largely as pure “investments,” David realized that he could change lives through awareness and education.

So just as his investment in Donovan became about more than just the money, David has even ventured into writing a book of his own to help kids and even adults overcome their fear of flying. “There’s Magic in the Air: A pilot’s view of aviation behind the scenes” will be released in the upcoming months as well.

David said that when he looks back on the choices he has made it may seem disconnected but, in reality, there is a theme, there is a pattern, “It’s about giving back and helping. It’s about changing and improving lives through awareness and education. There is more out there than just work. You can basically do anything you want. You can be anything you want to be in America. It is a choice.”

It was at this point in the interview that I had my own “epiphany” about why David and I clicked from the very start – he is passionate about bringing out the best not just in himself, but others which is why he, like myself, is committed to “changing and improving lives through awareness and education.”

If you want to learn more about what David does and how you might be able to couple your talents with his, contact him at www.Visserentertainment.com / dvisser@visserentertainment.com.

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