How Do You Eat An Elephant?

She was pissed!

After almost a year of working with me the amount of money she thought she should have had was not there and she blamed me.

The reason the conversation was especially difficult was that the reason for the lack of funds was not a variable of the guaranteed growth contract she now owned, but because she chose not to transfer monthly savings into the contract like she had planned when we started working together a year earlier. Point being, even with my consistent reminders that she was not tracking to her plan, she did not want to admit that she did not do her part to guarantee her Epiphany Financialfinancial success and she chose to blame me.

However, as a personal trainer, she understood that in order to have the body, the health one wants, s/he must be willing to put in the daily work of exercise and eating right and sticking to the plan the health trainer has laid out. Therefore, eventually she did admit that she actively chose not to listen to her wealth trainer, me, and did not follow the plan we had outlined, but that she would start.

And so it is with establishing goals – sometimes you have to re-start in order to get ahead but you CAN restart.

As such, how are you tracking on the goals you established for yourself this year?....Or should I ask, did you actually write down any goals? If you wrote out your goals, did you share them with someone?

Or, again, do we need to re-start and actually write down some goals?

It’s early March. There are about nine months left in the year. Restart if you need to.

After all, how do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

If you had planned to get started on establishing a budget or you had meant to roll over that old 401K or you are eager to set up your child’s education fund but you have yet to make any progress towards the financial goals you have in mind, write them down now and then contact me so we can discuss the best way to actually achieve the specifics in a reasonable time frame that will guarantee you the results you want.

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