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Kasandra has taken her years of experience working within the traditional school system, at universities and inside companies and the many years she has managed her own insurance and investment practice to deliver messages of Truth about how money REALLY works. She has a special affinity for women and business owners because, after all, she is both! But, more importantly, because she has first hand knowledge of what people do to succeed and how they also sabotage themselves and their wealth potential, she wants others to learn so that they can course correct if necessary.

Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell is the Owner of Epiphany Financial, a wealth education firm committed to teaching individuals, business owners, and financial professionals the TRUTH about how money works. She is available to speak within companies, at community groups, in chambers and offers CPEs to professionals who advise clients about their money. Visit her at www.financialepiphany.com

Presentations that focus on…..Business Owners:

What Every Business Owner Wishes They Knew Before the "Big D” (death, disability, defection)

Every night your most valuable business assets walk out the door. What impact will it have on your business if they don’t come back due to their desertion from their job, a disability that makes it impossible for them to return to the job they once performed or their death! Do you want to be in business with your partner’s surviving spouse or children? Learn what it takes to not only protect yourself and your assets but how to profit as the result of taking proactive, contractual steps to ensure you will not suffer the reality of the Big D.

Optimize Current Cash Flow – What is OPM? Is Debt Ever Good?

“We get what we want…and we do it with other people’s money.” So the once hit single “OPM” by Katrina states as she sings about the “ugly” side of money. However successful business has always been “leveraged” with some amount of OPM and when you know how to effectively incorporate these corporate strategies into your personal and business economy then, indeed, debt can be good…when it will not place you personally at risk. Learn how to earn guaranteed, contractual growth on your purchases. Learn how to turn expenses into “profit” when you understand how to safely leverage “other people’s money.”

Presentations that focus on…..WOMEN:

What Every Woman Wishes She Knew Before the "Big D” (death, disability, divorce)

Disclaimer: This is a pretty heavy topic but vitally important to understand because statistically speaking, he will leave you first. Therefore, are you ready for what life will look like when ½ if not all of the money that supports your current lifestyle is gone? While everyone knows they will one day “graduate” this planet, an unfortunately high percentage of women are very ill informed about the family finances when their spouse dies. And no one plans for a disability or a divorce. However, one of three events is guaranteed to occur so why not ask the important questions now and prepare so you can ensure you won’t compound an already emotionally charged moment with financial insecurity as well.

The Total Business Woman – What Does She Look Like and Are You One of Them?

“I can bring home the bacon. Fry it up in a pan. And never ever let you forget you’re a man, because I’m a woman…” And so goes the song from this 1980s commercial that played off the vision of the woman who could “be it all and do it all!” Today, we are still trying to be “everything” as we seek “work-life balance.” Unfortunately, it is not possible. While one can perform many roles at a high level, the constant pressure to excel in so many divergent areas has far too many of us “failing” to do well for ourselves. What does it mean to succeed? How do we measure it? Learn what successful women do and don’t do and get practical tips for how you can ensure you ARE the “total business woman” because YOU define the criteria.

The Politics of Gender – There Is a “Game” Being Played So You Might As Well Know the “Rules”

Disclaimer: most corporate entities will not allow this presentation because, legally, the HR department can not and will not tell you about the “unspoken rules” that may be keeping you from getting what you want in your career. But are you really ready for the truth? A lot of this truth is not “politically correct.” In fact, some of the biases and prejudices that men and even women hold against women are infuriating. However, when you understand what people “really” think, you can make better decisions about how or even if you want to play the game.

Presentations For Almost Anyone:

Guarantee Future Income – Net Results Are More Important than Net Worth

The financial services industry has been so enamored with accumulation, with getting to the top of the mountain, with “How big is your number?” or “What is your net worth?” and “I can get you a higher rate of return.” – that it has failed to address what is possibly an even more important number, a more important “rate”, and that is distribution/de-cumulation/getting down the mountain. The real question that needs to be asked and then answered is – how will this big pile of money/this mountain of assets/my net worth PERFORM? How much income will I get AND how long will it last as I make my way back down the mountain? Understanding how retirement income streams work (distribution) defines how to pack your bag in pre-retirement. Begin with the end in mind. 

Practical Tips to Get Out of Debt and Stay Out!

After almost a decade of working with individuals from all ages and stages of life, blue collar to white collar, the average amount of debt load an individual and family carries is painful. But no one with fancy degrees and big corporate titles will tell you how over-leveraged they are in an attempt to keep up with their current lifestyle…..until it just becomes too much. Let’s talk about the 8 practical tips to get out and stay out of debt. These tips have a lot more to do with your mindset than actually paying off your debt faster although you will learn that as well. After all, sage advice dictates: “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Money Myths - What You Don't Know May Be Hurting You

The financial services industry is vitally important and whether you are a blue collar worker or you run a multi-million dollar business, having a financial services professional to help guide you is tantamount to achieving the goals you want. However, what if the advice you have been given is NOT going to result in the outcome you not only want but NEED? What if the professional you have hired does not have an economics based mindset with strategy and process driving the decisions but has positioned themselves as a product expert such that he has missed ways to get you even more? Learn why industry professionals have convinced you to “ignore the old man behind the curtain” and other “myths” that have set you up for less than what is truly possible.

Other Topics of Interest to Many:

  • W2 vs. 1099 - Will You Make it As an Entrepreneur?
  • Retirement Ready - Are You?
  • What is a 401K - Really - and Will You Get the Most Out of Yours?
  • Generational Wealth - How to Teach Your Kids About Money