Corporate Services

 For Business Owners, Industry Professionals and Companies, we offer the following:

  • - Retirement Planning
  • - Life Insurance (Convertible Term and Whole Life)
  • - Business Insurance (Key Man, Buy-Sell, Executive Bonus…)
  • - Annuities
  • - Managed Money Accounts (Via Personal Economics Group)
  • - Roths, IRAs, 401K rollovers (Via Personal Economics Group)
  • - REITs and Alternative Investments (Via Personal Economics Group)
  • - CPEs for professionals who advise others about their money (CPS, Lawyers, ….)
  • - ERISA Certification for companies to comply with annual financial education requirement
  • - Experts in “Distribution Strategies”
  • - Experts in the “Private Reserve System


We specialize in “Distribution Strategies” 

…which allows us to deliver CPEs to professionals who advise others about their money and certify that companies have meet their annual ERISA requirements to provide financial education to their employees.

 In prior generations many people retired with pension plans that paid them a guaranteed lifetime income once they retired. However, the world has changed, and the majority of current retirees have 401k’s and IRA’s which require them to make their own retirement income decisions.  While people want to withdraw as much money as possible to provide a comfortable lifestyle, they are very concerned that they will outlive their money.

 The reality of the risk of running out of money in retirement is higher than ever because we are living longer.  If a 70-year old couple retires today, there is a 50% chance that one of them will still be alive at age 92.  Because of this increased longevity, most planners and economists recommend that we plan for a 30-year retirement.

 More importantly, these same experts agree that retirees should not withdraw more than 4% of their assets in any one year of retirement. As such, for every million dollars of accumulated assets, you can only withdraw a $40,000 annual income if you do not want to risk running out of money. Stated another way, if you want to maintain a lifestyle of $100,000/yr, you must have accumulated at least $3.3M in assets.

 But what if you could reposition some of your savings and investment dollars to assets that in retirement would allow you to withdraw 30-50% more income in retirement with a guarantee that you would not run out of money?

 It is possible to get more with less risk when you understand how money really works in “distribution.”


We specialize in the “Private Reserve Strategy™” 

….which allows you to realize uninterrupted compounding on purchases you plan to make anyway.

 The “Private Reserve SystemTM” (PRS) creates the foundation for a holistic and sustainable personal wealth management system.  PRS allows you to experience growth on your accumulated capital while you continue to deploy it for business, personal, or luxury spending. If you can enjoy more of your hard-earned capital today without jeopardizing that it will be available for you tomorrow, you are able to more quickly build economic independence.