The Epiphany Strategy

We educate individuals, families and business owners as to the best ways to protect money and provide them with economic processes and strategies so they may enjoy more efficient use of their hard earned capital.

 When you control your capital your financial future is secure.

 We focus on education because we know that people benefit for a lifetime when they know how to fish rather than just eating for a day because we gave them a fish.

 As such:

  • We offer individuals and their families insurance, annuity and investment advice and contract management customized to their unique wants and needs.
  • We offer Business Owners Key Man, Buy-Sell, Executive Bonus and other business insurance advice and contract management customized to their unique company wants and needs.
  • We offer Certified Professionals CPEs so that they may better advise their clients within their specific area of expertise.
  • We offer Companies certification to meet their annual ERISA requirements regarding employee financial education.

 It is the MISSION of Epiphany Financial to Educate individuals in the TRUTH about how money works so that each person may be free to focus on that which matters most: Faith, Family, Community.