Wealth Tools

My goal is always to follow the KISS principle which is to “Keep It Super Simple” – with a double emphasis on “simple” because the world of money management is not as complicated as most financial advisors and wealth managers want you to believe. After all, the more complicated they make it sound, the more you feel you need them. What sets me apart is I PARTNER with you to give you what you need for success! It’s a beautiful Truth to give away knowledge and, as such, I offer these CRITICAL wealth tools. 

Retirement/Distribution Income Assurance:

The national expert on "Distribution Strategies" and one of the creators of the Certified Financial Planner exam has now gone on record to confirm that life insurance augments your overall wealth position, guaranteed, and is, in fact, what you will need if you are to have any assurance of retiring well.  Check out this article in Forbes and read Dr. Wade Pfau's full report.

Pfau Optimized Retirement     Forbes Article

Monthly Budget:

Even if you never contact me for true economics-based planning, PLEASE have a monthly cash flow budget that you reassess monthly. While there are tons of tools on the Internet, these simple, completely customizable documents allow you to create your budget and then track your actual spending. It may seem old-fashioned, but I chose to offer the budget documents because over the years of serving clients making $50,000 a year to those bringing home over a $1,000,000 per year, it is unequivocally clear to me that unless you have a handle on precisely where your money flows into and out of you on a monthly basis, you will have a very hard time acquiring and KEEPING true wealth.

 These 2 documents capture the same information; they are simply formatted differently.

(1)Personal Monthly Budget     (2)Budget Monthly CashFlow




My goal in offering these simple brain exercises is not to show how much faster I am at math (BTW, I always use calculators and constantly have to double check my formulas), but to motivate those of you who want to learn wealth systems and processes over product and get-rich-quick schemes to contact me. If you have an open enough mind to enjoy these exercises and grasp their “morals,” then reach out let’s walk through the First Step of my “Four Steps to Financial Freedom” process.

Brain Exercise 1     BRAIN EXERCISE 2     BRAIN EXERCISE 3