Write Down Goals = Achieve More!

If you have been in the professional world for any amount of time, you have probably heard statistics of how one achieves success – s/he has written goals. Research reveals,

“…those with written goals were earning 10 times what the others who had no written goals were earning.” Another study concludes, “Those with written goals have 80% more earnings over a lifetime than those without.” 

*When you have written goals, you achieve more than those who do not. 

** When you share these written goals with another, you achieve at an even higher level. EF_Goals_Blog

*** When you periodically update another on your progress towards your goals, you have the highest level of achievement possible.

Written Goals Matter!

As such, if you say you want more wealth and more financial security, start by defining goals in all areas of your life. After all, what is money if not a tool to achieve that what you want in all areas of your life?! 

Money is a means to an end. Therefore, write down what you want to achieve, put a timeframe around it and identify any resources that you may need to get there. Don’t overthink it and don’t ignore the exercise. Write down a goal for the 8 key areas of your life using the SMART method: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound

  1. Faith / Spiritual
  2. Family / Communal
  3. Career / Vocational
  4. Education / Intellectual
  5. Health / Physical
  6. Wealth / Financial
  7. Friends / Social
  8. Fun / Recreational

…..Now share those goals with another who you trust to encourage you along the journey! Finally, set a date a month or two later when you will update the person as to the progress you have made towards your goals……and then set another date a month or two after that meeting and so on…… 

Of course, if getting a handle on your finances or building a working budget or streamlining your multiple savings and investments accounts is anywhere on your list of goals for 2015, I look forward to receiving your call so I can encourage you along the way! 

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